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at the Bueller house
That was just a little ad lib
I wanted to have something, -
- and I thought the "shave and
a haircut" thing was kind of nice
This was the town I grew up in
I don't know why, but they let us
paint on their water tower
It was there for a while A lot of people
remember this If you go to this town -
- and ask what was painted on the
water tower, they'll say "Save Ferris"
This, of course
No animals were hurt
It's hard to get them
to lay down like that, though
She discovers what she already knew
I enjoyed -
- taking two pursuers and putting
They miss the prey but attack each
other, which I thought was fun to do
Jeanie's just awful to everybody
If you don't give her what she wants
or say what she wants you to say, -
- she mistreats you
Now he's really crossed the line
because now he's in the house
Of course she thinks it's Ferris
It's a little cat-and-mouse game
This was all shot
in that same house in Long Beach
A little tight, but the floor plan
worked really well for the picture
There's a little fly here We saw
the fly and added the fly sound
It was an accident, but it was nice to
have a fly chase him, in his condition
We sped that up just a little bit,
because she didn't run fast enough
This was nice a nice shot
We originally shot in super 35,
wide-screen I was able to do all this
in one, without any scanning
But in television versions
it had to be recomposed
The licence on this was "Nervous"
I milked those licence-plate jokes
pretty hard in the 80's
I liked to detail things
as much as I could
We couldn't use the garage's name,
so we made it A1-EZ OK Park
This is not a phoney phone call
There's an intruder:
Male, Caucasian, possibly armed,
certainly weird, in my kitchen
My name is Bueller
It's nice that you hope my brother
is feeling better, but I'm in danger
It's hard to play one-sided phone calls
She did a really good job of making it
appear as if she's talking to somebody
She was probably talking to me
I usually do the other side
This is Charlie Sheen's character
There was a little bit more
to do with his family
I had to lose it because of the shuttle
stuff His dad owned the tow company
The tissue in the nose was a
cheap joke, but I thought it was funny
I thought he would have developed
a hole in his pocket by now
It was necessary for him to leave some
evidence that he was in the house
This is a really sad, pathetic shot here
It reminded me of an old 30's
"The Little Rascals" or something
The end of one, with the guy
running down the road, chasing the car
This is a very pretty shot
down Michigan Avenue
Cameron is very relaxed here
He's got the car back,
everything seems to be going fine
Matthew's beginning to notice
that there's a problem here
Cameron, of course,
remembers exactly how many miles
That's a nice little camera-take
We had a really hard time doing this
It was very bright and it was
painful for him to keep his eyes open
This took a while
This is really just another attempt
on his part to get some attention
God bless the police
I'm saved
Here we get a little hint
of her religious convictions
That's Louie again
This scene was supposed to be done
down at the beach, -
- but the surf was pretty bad The pier
we were going to use was underwater
So we had to redo it,
bring it up to this bluff
It was very windy
It was early on, and Matthew was
uncomfortable talking to the camera
He would see his reflection,
it was like working in a mirror, -
- which was distracting
It was difficult to do
We were both feeling our way
through this technique
I discovered that when he looked
at the camera, he couldn't look away
When looks away,
he breaks the illusion
To make and break the illusion
was really distracting
Here he had to stare up into the sky,
which is hard I didn't want him to blink
She's very tender with him here
I think he's enjoying her attention
But my discomfort with this

- XX

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