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fanatic whose only purpose is to kill Benes!
And now you've made it possible.
I've come up against fanatics before
and Duval doesn't fit the pattern.
Skipper, I'm going out there to help.
we need at least two minutes to get out.
How does it look, Doctor?
If I can relieve the pressure
on a few key vessels...
Doctor, we've had it.
If I can clear this central nerve,
that may be enough.
Captain, there's something wrong
with the escape hatch.
- What do you mean?
- Fluid is seeping through. Have a look at it.
Fluid? There shouldn't be any fluid...
Yes, you'll see it underneath the door.
That should do it.
- It's heading for the nerve!
- I don't understand.
The laser. Let me have the laser!
Give me your widest beam.
Full power.
The ship's finished.
We'll have to get out on our own.
Is there a quick way out?
- What about Dr Michaels?
- White corpuscles!
We've got to get them out.
They'll ingest the ship and everything in it.
Stay here, both of you.
Hold them off if you can.
What happened?
Dr Michaels... went berserk.
- Berserk, nothing!
- Get me out!
Get this on, quick.
If a window blows we'll lose this airlock.
Grant, help! I'm trapped! Help me!
Grant, can't get my...
Can't get my hands out. Get me out of here.
My hands are trapped.
I can't move... can't move my hands.
I can't move my hands.
I can't move my hands.
Get me out! Get me out of here!
Get me out!
Come on, it's no use.
- That's the end of the laser.
- You said there was a quick way out.
We could followthe optic nerve
to the corner of the eye.
Time's up.
We'll have to take them out immediately.
It means killing Benes. For all we know,
they may have completed the operation.
Damn it to hell!
Attention, please.
You will remove the Proteus immediately.
Remove the radar.
Prepare for trephination.
Light impulses. On the way to the brain.
We're nearing the eye.
Hold it, Doctor.
What is it?
That blip we're picking up
might only be a radioactive particle.
The Proteus may already be destroyed.
- What are you getting at?
- If I were in their place, running out of time,
I'd abandon ship
before I grewto dangerous size
and use the extra minutes
to get out the quickest way possible.
On my own.
Along the optic nerve to the eye.
Wait 30 seconds.
Glass slide, quick.
Open that door, please!
Ripped by thewildbunch22
FKprod2003Sorry we got you up at this hour, Mr Grant.
l thought l was on vacation.
What's it all about?
l can't tell you.
- Where are we goin'?
- l can't tell you that either.
You're to stay inside, Mr Grant, and wait.
Your lD card, please.
Thank you.
- Hello, Grant.
- General Carter.
- Good to see you again.
- The Pentagon, wasn't it?
Come on.
Benes! What the devil happened?
The other side got to him.
- How bad off is he?
- Brain injury. He's in a coma.
Before or after what he wanted to say?
Before he could breathe a word. He's the only
scientist who knows what we're after.
That's why we have to operate.
And why we need you.
Me? l can't even
put a Band-Aid on my finger.
Here's the surgeon. Duval.
Dr Peter Duval. Top brain man
in the country. Ever hear of him?
- l'm rusty on surgeons. Who's the girl?
- Cora Peterson, his technical assistant.
- You'll be joining Duval and the others.
- What can l do? Except pass out.
Yes, Alan.
Meet Grant.
Dr Michaels, chief of the medical section.
- Glad to have you wth us.
- l wish l knew why.
Tell him where he fits in.
l've got a few things to check out.
We need you for securty purposes, Mr Grant.
- At an operation?
- They know they faled to kll Benes.
Securty thnks they'll try agan. We're afrad
of sabotage: surgcal assassnaton.
- Surgical assassination? You suspect...?
- Duval. That's right.
l don't agree. Just because he's difficult...
- He's impossible.
- lt's no reason to suspect dsloyalty.
There must be other doctors.
Duval's the most skillful brain surgeon
in the country - and

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