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Фантастическое Путешествие

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Dr Duval, head surgeon.
- I've heard of you.
Miss Peterson, his assistant.
And Captain Bill Owens,
designer of an experimental submarine
for the Navy's research programme.
- Out of your element, Captain?
- Sort of.
- That makes two of us.
- Grant is uniquely suited to this mission.
He's a communications expert
and he was a frogman during the war.
Besides, he brought Benes into this country.
The fewer people who knowthat, the better.
You'll find Grant invaluable should anything
go wrong once you're underway.
OK, Don.
Here's the overall target area.
Benes's brain.
As near as we can map it stereotaxically.
The clot is right here.
It's impossible to get at
without damage to the intervening tissue,
which would prove fatal to Benes.
The only way to reach it
is via the arterial system.
Phase one calls for
miniaturising a submarine,
with crew and surgical team,
and injecting it into the carotid artery.
How small will it be?
About the size of a microbe.
We're putting Benes in deep hypothermia.
That's freezing him
as low as is compatible with human life.
It'll slow down his heartbeat, circulation
and all other physical processes.
Even so, Colonel, because of our size -
I mean, the lack of it -
we'll still be cruising pretty fast.
We'll be smashed to bits
if there's turbulence.
The only danger of turbulence
is in the heart,
and we're not going through it.
Once in the carotid artery,
we remain within the arterial system
until we reach the point of the damage,
where Dr Duval will attempt
to dissolve the clot with a laser beam.
Thank you.
After the operation,
we return by way of the venous system
until we reach the base of the neck,
where we'll be removed
right here. With a hypodermic.
How will you know
where the sub is at any moment?
Dr Michaels is a circulatory specialist
and will act as your navigator.
He'll know where you are and you can
communicate directly with us by wireless.
Also the sub is nuclear powered. We'll track it
just as we would any radioactive tracer.
There'll be surgeons standing by
to remove you immediately
should anything happen.
In any event,
you must be out within 60 minutes.
After that, you're in danger of attack.
Attack? Who? Or should I say what from?
Benes's natural defences.
White corpuscles, antibodies.
You see, once you begin to grow,
you become a menace to the body
and you'll trigger them off.
And there may be other, unknown, factors.
We can't be certain of anything.
Any further questions? Anybody?
- Just one, General.
- What's that?
Where do I get a cab backto town?
Dr Michaels,
proceed to the sterilisation section.
Yes, sir.
Will you follow me?
How much can a man give to his country?
Your attention, please.
Make the final preparations.
How's it look, Henry?
Holding steady. 32 per minute.
Jack, what's the report?
Respiration is down to six a minute.
I wouldn't take him down any further.
Any problems, Dr Sawyer?
No, sir.
We're holding him at 28 degrees Centigrade.
- How do we stand?
- Ready.
They're now entering
the sterilisation corridor, sir.
Please board and check
all your equipment immediately.
Here's the particle, sir.
- Everything aboard?
- All squared away.
Dr Michaels.
- Yes?
- Here's your chart table right here.
All the maps and charts
are in sequence from left to right.
- And here's your checklist.
- Dr Duval and I will checkthe charts.
Fine. Mr Grant?
- This is your wireless station here.
- Good.
- Ocular motor nerve.
- I see.
- Need any help, skipper?
- Oh, yeah. We'll save some time.
Open this, would you? Set it down there.
- Where? On the deck here?
- Yeah, right there.
- That's radioactive material.
- It's atomic fuel.
- Is it all right to open it?
- Perfectly safe.
There's a microscopic
radioactive particle inside.
Nothing big enough
to be seen with the naked eye.
If it's no military secret, how can a sub
run on a
Фантастическое Путешествие Фантастическое Путешествие

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