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Фантастическое Путешествие

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without harming Benes?
At our present size, I should think so,
If those corpuscles can take on air,
there's no reason why we can't.
All we have to do is
hook up the snorkel to that air chamber,
and when Benes inhales,
there should be plenty of pressure
to force the oxygen into the tank.
- How's that sound to you, skipper?
- Well, it's a dangerous procedure.
If I miss the timing
we could explode the air tanks, but...
I'm willing to try it.
I think we should.
Yes, of course. We must try it.
One more thing. It'll be safer
if everybody leaves the sub but me.
I'll get the equipment.
- You didn't fasten it down too well.
- But I did! I'm positive.
- Then how come it worked loose?
- I've no idea.
How badly is it damaged?
I don't know. We'll have to test it.
That'll have to wait until after we're refuelled.
I can't imagine how it could have happened.
I distinctly remember fastening it down.
Must've been jarred loose
during the whirlpool.
Better get these on as quickly as possible.
They've stopped on
the outer limits of the left lung.
Another delay, with only 42 minutes left.
It'll be close
but there's still a margin of safety.
Let's find out what's holding them up.
Contact the Proteus.
Must be some kind of mechanical difficulty.
I told you to cut down on the sugar.
Oh, I can't help it. I'm just weak, I guess.
- Shouldn't you answer that?
- Not now. We need air, not greetings.
- It's full of rocks.
- Those are impurities embedded in the lung.
Carbon from smoke and specks of dust.
Well, we'd better get on with it.
Careful! There's a tremendous air pressure
in there in relation to our size.
I'll hold her from the other side of the wall.
Maybe that will do it.
- Tie my safety line to the sub.
- Here. Let me have it.
All right, now. Push the snorkel through
as soon as I get inside.
Wait for the lull -
between the time he inhales and exhales.
He's gone!
What can we do?
"Delay caused by stop to refuel air."
"Proceeding through pleural cavity."
"Refuel air"?
Why not?
They had a choice of over a billion alveoli.
And a broken trigger wire.
A smashed transistor.
No way to fire the lamp.
Well, that's the end of the laser.
- You must carry spare parts.
- Nothing that's built into the chassis.
- If it only hadn't come loose!
- That's beside the point now.
- Isn't there another operation you could try?
- No. No, there's no other way.
I don't see the sense in going on with this.
- But we must!
- With no laser?
If you had a transistor about this size
and power output
and a thin enough wire, could you mend it?
Yes, but it requires absolute precision.
A surgeon might.
Yes. Yes, I could do it.
Well, if I had the parts!
I've got a source. All we have to do is tap it.
Grant, just a minute. You're surely
not going to dismantle the wireless?
It's just one transistor and a circuit wire.
That'll knock out our communications.
We'll be cutting ourselves off.
They'd still be able to track us by radar
because of the radioactive fuel.
What's it to be? The wireless, or Benes's life?
Send a message to the control tower.
Message from the Proteus, sir.
"Cannibalising wireless to repair laser."
- They're what?
- "This is our last message."
Now they're really on their own.
We can track 'em, but that's all we can do.
Something told me I got into
the wrong end of this business.
Inner space...!
The transistor will do,
but the wire is much too thick.
- There's nothing closer.
- Let me see.
I might be able to scrape it thin enough.
Cora, would you bring me
a number 11 scalpel, please?
Yes, Doctor.
Looks like the sea at dawn.
We're safe as long as it remains that colour.
We're in the pleural sac.
It keeps the lungs from rubbing against
the wall of the chest. Up there.
When those membranes become inflamed
we get pleurisy and a racking cough.
Cough? If he can kick up a storm
by just breathing..
Фантастическое Путешествие Фантастическое Путешествие

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