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Джо против Вулкана

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morning, Dagmar.
Looks like we're in for a blow.
Can I help?
Yeah, tie that up.
Feels dead, doesn't it?
Yeah, it does.
Get below, start the engine.
Tell Tony to head us into the wind.
- There isn't any wind.
- There will be.
You worried?
We'll be okay. The hatches and sails
are down. We're ahead of the game.
What exactly is a typhoon?
You know...
...I think you're going to find out.
Mayday! This is the Tweedle Dee.
Latitude: 10 degrees, 8 minutes south.
Longitude: approximately 150 degrees,
18 minutes west.
- We are in severe distress.
- What should I do?
Don't go on deck.
The engines, check on Dagmar.
Dagmar, is everything okay?
It looks good, but I'm going to stay with it.
Take care of Patricia.
150 degrees, 18 minutes west.
Severe distress!
No way is anyone getting this.
- How's Dagmar?
- She's okay.
The main boom doesn't look secure!
It looks like it's going to bust loose!
What are you doing!
It's my boat!
- Are you all right?
- I think so.
Giddy up.
Dear God...
...whose name I do not know...
...thank you for my life.
I forgot...
...how big...
Thank you.
Thank you for my life.
Didn't you drink any water yourself?.
That's for you.
What happened to the yacht?
Dagmar and the boys?
Everything went down.
I still have my trunks.
What's that?
We've been spotted.
The Waponis?
Are you Joe?
- Are you Joe Banks?
- Yeah.
What is that? A teddy bear?
No. It is my soul.
I hope you don't lose it.
So do I.
I am Tobi. Chief.
I'm Joe Banks.
This is Patricia Graynamore.
- You speak English.
- I have learned.
You came to stop the anger of the Woo?
Tonight we will have a big feast.
Then you will climb to the top
of the Big Woo and jump in, okay?
Stop that!
All right, that's it! That's it!
We're done!
Thank you. I feel great.
Do you know where Joe is?
Maybe he ran away.
Maybe he don't want to jump.
Like my tux?
You're really going to do it?
I might as well go out in style.
We are the children of children...
...and we live as we are shown.
Now, a change has come.
The Waponis like this soda
and no one will jump into the Big Woo.
They traded with this man,
your father, for a hero.
We have no hero of our own.
I am the Tobi. I cannot be the hero.
It is my place to hope for my people.
The Woo calls.
None of my people say,
"I'll go to my end for all of you. "
I don't have any people of my own, Chief.
I'm my only hope for a hero.
Once more,
I will call upon the Waponis for a hero.
The Woo wants his flesh.
Take me to...
...the volcano!
Is there a ceremony or anything?
No, you just jump in.
Wait! Stop! Wait.
Stop right there!
I love you.
I've fallen in love with you.
I've never loved anybody.
How did this happen?
I've never even slept with him.
And now you're going to kill yourself.
Can we have a minute?
- You love me?
- Yes, I love you.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
You can't leave me on this stinking earth
without you.
I must do it.
Why? The Chief doesn't even want you to.
Do you, Chief?.
I have wasted my entire life
and now I'm going to die.
I have a chance to die like a man.
I have to take it!
I love you.
I love you, too!
I've never loved anyone before, either.
It's great. I am glad.
But the timing stinks.
I got to go.
Get out of here.
Let me do what I have to do.
Marry me.
Chief, could you come up here, please?
- What are you doing?
- I want him to marry us.
- I'm going to jump.
- So, marry me, then jump.
- What?
- Marry us.
I don't want to get married.
Afraid of the commitment?
You have to love and honor me
for 30 seconds. You can't handle that?
All right. Marry us.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You want to marry her?
- You want to marry him?
- Yes.
You're married.
Thank you, Chief.
I'm going now.
Don't jump.
Listen to me. These are my last words.
I have to be brave. I
Джо против Вулкана Джо против Вулкана

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