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But no one could look good
under these zombie lights.
I can feel them sucking the juice
out of my eyeballs.
Suck! Suck!
$300 a week.
For $300 a week I've lived in this sink.
This used rubber.
- Watch it. There's a woman here!
- Don't you think I know that?
Don't you think I'm aware
there's a woman here?
I can smell her like a flower.
I can taste her like sugar on my tongue.
I'm 20 feet away, I can hear the fabric
of her dress when she moves.
But I haven't done anything about it.
I go every day not doing, not saying...
...not taking the chance for $300 a week.
And, Frank, the coffee, it stinks.
It tastes like arsenic.
If the lights don't give you a headache,
you must be dead!
So, let's arrange the funeral.
You better go. I'm telling you!
- You're telling me nothing.
- I'm telling you!
Why, I ask myself, have I put up with you?
I can't imagine.
But I know. It's fear.
Yellow, freaking fear.
I've been too afraid to live my life,
so I sold it to you...
...for $300 dollars a week!
You're lucky I don't kill you!
You're lucky I don't rip your throat out!
But I'm not going to!
Maybe you're not so lucky...
...because I'm going to leave you here,
Mr. Wahoo Waturi.
What could be worse than that?
- DeDe.
- Yeah.
- How about dinner tonight?
- Okay.
Wow! What a change.
Who am I? That's the real question.
Who am I? Who are you?
What other questions are there, really?
If you want to understand the universe,
embrace it, the door is you.
- Me?
- You. Me.
- You are really intense.
- Am I?
Yeah, I guess I am. I was.
- What do you mean?
- I mean, a long time ago.
In the beginning I was full
of piss and vinegar. Nothing got me down.
I wanted to know.
Know what?
But then I had some experiences.
I talked to this guy
and he says I got scared.
Of what?
Have you ever been scared?
I guess so. Sure.
What scared you?
Lots of things.
At the moment, you scare me a little.
Me? Why should I scare you?
I don't know.
There's something going on with you.
This morning you were like a lump.
And now you're...
How do you feel?
I feel great.
See? You never feel great.
No, I never do!
What's funny?
I feel great! That is very funny!
Where are you?
I'm right here!
I wish I was where you are.
No, you don't.
Did I ever tell you
that the first time I saw you...
...I felt I had seen you before?
Wait a minute.
What'd you do?
I bribed them to sing a song to drive us
insane and make our hearts burst.
What happened to you?
What happened to you that you're so alive?
I can see it.
There's something wrong with my brain.
It's not catching,
but I have just five or six months to live.
- What?
- I'm going to die.
And I'm just so appreciative of my life.
- I got to go.
- Please, don't.
I got to go home. You may have quit,
but I have the job in the morning.
I really want you to stay.
- You're going to die?
- But so what?
Stay tonight.
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
I can't handle it, Joe.
I forgot my bag.
Joe Banks? Mr. Joe Banks?
Have I come at a bad time?
Yes. No.
- I don't know how to answer that question.
- Can I come in to talk?
You're not dressed.
Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you.
Not a nice place you have, Joe.
Mind if I call you Joe?
Dismal. Shabby. Dinky.
Not much.
It's a sign of tremendous sophistication...
...that you haven't demanded my name...
...or asked me what I'm doing here.
My name is Samuel Harvey Graynamore.
- Joe Banks.
- Oh, I know.
Trying to see the hero in there.
You dragged two kids down
a six-story burning staircase.
That was brave.
Then you went back for the third kid.
That was heroic. You're a hero!
That was a long time ago.
- Yes, it was.
- How do you know my name?
I know all about you.
All I could learn in 24 hours, anyway.
- Quit your job?
- Yeah.
Sounded like a dumb job. No family?
Good for you.
Families are a pain in the neck.
What do you know


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