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He never made it.
Have another favor to ask.
You have another favor to ask? Of
course, you wouldn't ask me was I hurt?
Did they scare me?
Was the water shitty? No.
-You say, "Have another favor to ask."
-Never mind.
Favor too dangerous.
Just like a man.
-What's the favor?
-Would you go back to the consulate?
Sure, no problem.
They let me in all the time.
Whom would I talk to this time?
Their computer.
It has exit contacts.
-Can you handle it?
-Yeah, I think I can handle it. I'll try.
I think the Queen's Anniversary Ball
is tonight. You think I could crash it?
Could try. Do you have
a dinner jacket?
Christ, he thinks I'm a man.
Will have to wear evening dress.
Terry happens to be short for Teresa.
-Had no idea.
-I know you didn't know.
Will try alternate contacts.
Could not ask you to continue.
Why are you saying that?
Because I'm a woman?
-Correct. Thanks for all your help.
I risked my life, and this guy
tells me he doesn't...
...believe in me, because I'm
a woman! What an asshole!
-What? No, no, forget it!
-I know you're there.
-You know, you--
You want help or not?
Because I got better things to do...
-...than to save your butt, bud!
-I'm sorry.
It's okay.
-I mean it.
-No, I know you mean it. Forget it.
I mean it.
I swear, you don't stop, dude.
Just forget it!
Okay. Here's what I need you to do.
First, imperative to have invitation
for admittance to the ball.
Try to be inconspicuous.
MAN: I hired the car for 6.
You weren't ready till 6:20.
The car was on time. You were
20 minutes late. What do you expect?
Christopher! Kiss, kiss, hugs, hugs.
Sir Hensley, Lady Hensley, good evening.
WOMAN: Hold the coat.
MAN: I am.
-Kristine De laGrange.
-Of course.
-I'd like to go home now.
-We're not going home now.
-I'd really like to go home right now!
-Please try and be decent.
-Your invitation, please.
-I don't have one.
Well, I'm sorry, but we can't let
you in without an invitation.
-You look awfully familiar.
-That's because I'm the entertainment.
How on earth?
That was very good.
-I don't believe it! Leslie!
-Come along, darling.
-You're embarrassed.
-I'm behind you in slippery shoes.
-You're getting very shrill.
WOMAN: You total bastard, Leslie.
I'm sorry, there was nothing
I could do. She grabbed my arm.
-Leslie, you're dribbling.
WOMAN: We've got to get
in the receiving line to be introduced.
Excuse me. We must shake hands now.
Good to meet you.
MAN 1:
How do you do?
MAN 2: Excuse me.
I don't think....
LIZ: Lord Malcolm, may I--
May I present my....
My cousin.
-By marriage.
-Lady Sarah.
How do you do?
You know, I can't get over the feeling
we've met before.
No, I'm quite sure
I would remember you.
Wasn't it the Sinai, 1982?
Yes, it's true I was in the Sinai very
briefly in 1982 in the summer.
Well, I simply wanted to say you look
as wonderful now as you did then.
Your 'ships. Get me out of here.
Get me--
Extraordinary friends
you have, darling.
-How do you know Sarah?
-Her picture's in Jack's apartment.
-It says "Sarah. Sinai, 1982."
-Yeah, they used to be...
-...an item a few years ago.
That was before she decided
to become a lady.
I think she just couldn't quite take
the insecurity of life with Jack.
Right now I can appreciate that.
Hey, I gotta get up to the third floor.
How can I help you?
-Here I go.
-Good luck.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
-Well, well, Miss Doolittle!
-Mr. Talbot.
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