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She doesn't do it for me anymore.
KAREN: Do strong women threaten you?
DOUG: No, they just beat me up.
-Come on.
-What is that?
Soviet TV uses the same satellite
as this capitalist pig bank.
Lenin would have a stroke.
Adjust my knobs.
No! I wouldn't adjust that.
That's delicate technology.
That should only be adjusted
by skilled technicians.
Excuse me.
What's going on? Nothing's going on.
Oh, yeah, this one girl Terry,
she's working late.
I don't know. I guess
she wants a raise or something.
No. She talks to herself
all the time.
There you are.
Jesus, thank God.
All right.
Okay, pal, is this a big joke?
"What did consulate say?"
What did it say?
Consulate said, "No Department C."
"Whom did you talk to?"
Oh, I just love your accent.
Jeremy Talbot.
Says he didn't know you.
But I have a feeling that he did.
"Situation confusing. " No shit!
What exactly is the situation?
"Trapped in Eastern Europe.
Need exit."
What about your passport?
Who are you, Jack?
"British Intellig--"?
Why didn't you contact
the consulate yourself?
"Did. Won't acknowledge me."
"Excellent question."
What else can I do?
"Need other con--" Are you crazy?
Other contacts? I work in a bank.
"First go to my apartment in New York
and get something for me."
God. What do you need, a trench coat?
A camera? Microfilm!
Oh, what?
"A frying pan."
I'd have probably
thought about that next.
Hey! You Miss Doolittle?
Don't be sneaking up
on people like that.
Sorry. It's been a long day.
I'm your Sperry repairman.
-I'm here to check out your terminal.
Didn't mean to scare you.
-You're here a little late.
-I'm running behind.
I need a little of that overtime action.
-Nothing's wrong with my terminal.
Well, I got a report that there was.
-What's wrong with it?
-Oh, I don't know.
Probably some kind of short,
chip, something.
Well, I'd feel a lot better
if nobody messed with it.
Come on. I've been
traveling for two hours.
I can appreciate that fully, but--
Weren't you about to leave?
You don't mind if I just call Sperry?
I mean, just to check it out.
-No. Go ahead. It's your dime.
Ah, ah, ah! Don't mess with it.
Hi, this is Terry Doolittle
down at First National.
Who is this, Clovis? Clovis, I got a guy
here who says you sent him down.
Yeah, let me ask him.
Say, what's your--?
My mistake. Sorry.
153. Pull over here.
I'll only be a couple of minutes.
Sure. As long as the meter's running.
Key's in the hydrant,
just like he said.
Anybody here?
Nice pad!
I'm not stealing anything.
I got a key from Jack.
This is great.
You know this cat
don't have no roaches.
Maybe I ought to go
into the spy business.
Nice system.
Oh, Jesus!
It's the phone.
It's just the phone.
This is Jack. Sorry to miss you.
Leave your name, number...
...and I'll get back to you
soon as possible.
And if you'd like to leave a message,
that would be good too. Okay, bye.
-So that's what you sound like.
JACK: Oh, I'm sorry.
Don 't forget to wait
for the beep, will you?
It's a fairly long space,
but it's coming soon.
Jacques, it's me again. You shit!
I'm sick of this machine! Forget it.
Jack, I wouldn't go with any woman
who called me a sheet.
No, no, I won't.
No, this is the man's private property.
I mean....
Fuck it.
MAN 1: Jack, this is Curt
from Sport Motors. Car's ready.
We put in new brakes,
and replaced the radio.
Call when you wanna pick it up.
"Sarah. Sinai, '82. "
MAN 2:
Jack, it's Allen.
Look, I got tickets for the Knicks
game tomorrow and--
Wait, Allen. Hang on. I'm here.
ALLEN: You're
- -

- 1984

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