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Come on, now.
Knew I could do it, huh?
You son of a bitch.
Did I pass the test?
"You're smart. That'll help. "
Who are you?
"Must be brief.
Destroy all copies of transmission.
Do not reveal code key to any--"
Who am I gonna tell the code key to?
Why all the mystery?
"Am in serious trouble."
What kind of trouble?
And is it gonna visit my house?
"Could you deliver message
to the British Consulate?"
Think they're gonna
let me in the door?
"Need your help.
Ask for Department C.
Would be grateful if you said yes."
What's the message?
"Dog's barking.
Can't fly without umbrella."
Are you shitting me? Come on.
I'm not saying that.
I can't go to some damn consulate
and talk about dogs. Are you kid--?
MAN 1: There you are.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
MAN 2: What are you doing? There's
a million mannequins in the basement.
MAN 1:
We have a lot of balls.
So, what's going on here?
Oh, we're getting ready for the Queen's
Anniversary Ball next Monday.
Miss Doolittle? I'm Jeremy Talbot.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
The British Consulate. May I help you?
Come here.
Dog's barking.
Can't fly without umbrella.
Excuse me?
-Dog's bark--
-Yes, I heard you.
-But I don't quite follow.
-Aren't you from Department C?
No, I'm not.
You need to get somebody down here
from Department C. They'd understand.
I'm afraid we don't have
a Department C, Miss Doolittle.
You do! I asked the receptionist.
I told her I had a message
for Department C.
She got on the phone,
and then you showed up.
Who was the message from?
Jumping Jack Flash.
-Jumping Jack Flash.
-Jumping Jack Flash?
Shh! You know him, right?
"It's a gas, gas, gas." Rolling Stones.
I am English.
Jeremy? Are we still on
for squash this afternoon?
-Absolutely, 5:00.
I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
I feel awfully dumb, Mr. Talbot.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
-Someone thought this was funny.
-Of course. Gillian.
Pressing that cancels the input buffer
line but leaves the template intact.
-Fred, you're so smart.
Smell me.
What? What, what, what, what?
-I said, smell me.
-Oh, God, do I have to?
I met this guy, and he distributes
all these seconds and irregulars.
There's no such thing
as perfume irregulars.
Very humorous.
My point is that this guy
has a friend, and--
Afternoon, ladies.
My point is this guy has a friend. They
want to take us out to dinner tonight.
Tonight? Tonight, I can't.
-I'm already involved with someone.
-What do you mean?
-With who? Who is he?
-Oh, he's just a guy.
I don't know that much about him.
I know that he likes the Stones.
-He's something of a practical joker.
-That's so great!
What am I gonna do?
It's a package deal.
Attention, please.
I would like you to join me...
...in welcoming a new member
of our family:
-Mr. Martin Phillips.
-Who is replacing...
-Hi, Marty.
...Miss Jackie Valentine
at terminal number 23.
He comes from our Silver Springs office.
Welcome to the main branch.
Thank you, Mr. Page.
-Seems like a pretty loose guy.
-Oh, yeah.
-That's my card. Feel free to call me.
I'm Marty Phillips. My card.
Feel free to call me anytime.
Terry Doolittle, and I will.
-Don't sit!
KAREN: Is he hurt?
-He fell.
-Are you all right?
-Is this an initiation?
I was supposed to tell you this was
the chair that the pregnant girl sat in.
-It's adjusted for her.
-I should thank her for the job.
Have a seat.
I'll adjust the chair for you.
-Just don't lean back.
-Hi, I'm Cynthia.
-Cynthia, I'm Marty.
Anything you need,
just pick up the phone.
Really? I just might do that.
I'd like to say that it's a pleasure
to welcome you to our little family.
Oh, I see you already have a little family.
Well, shit.
Welcome anyway.
Cute girls.
-Yeah, it's too bad they're boys.
-There she is again!
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait for
Джек-попрыгун Джек-попрыгун

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