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off me.
-What's wrong with you?
-Who taught you how to dress?
-I did.
-Rattle my chains.
-Fucking mother!
-Hey, baby, don't worry. I'll go first.
-You don't want me.
You don't want me. I got diseases.
-I got shit that'll make your dick fall off.
MAN: Baby, my dick glows in the dark.
She don't deserve us.
She was your chick.
I'm cured! I'm cured!
I'm gonna party with you guys.
We'll have a great time!
And we'll have sex!
-We'll do lots of drugs!
We'll have a real good time,
and then we'll get down and boogie.
-I think I got a business appointment.
-I gotta go!
What's the matter? I said, I was cured.
Where are you going? I'm cured.
Good afternoon.
TERRY: What?
-Good afternoon.
-What do you mean, afternoon?
-It's a little after 3.
You're too late. I already sent
Jack his exit contact.
-Yes, I know.
-What do you mean?
TALBOT: Who do you think gave
the exit contact to Lord Malcolm?
Where did you think he'd come?
We're his trusted staff.
You bastards!
Don't underestimate your role.
You led us right to Jack.
You sprang the trap.
No. Jack was hip to you.
And Jack knew you were playing
both sides of the fence.
-And that's why you're so pissed off.
-Please, Miss Doolittle.
In a very short while, he'll be dead.
Know why?
Because he's going to contact
Burghardt. At the Rezo lnn.
5 p.m. Ring a bell?
-What do you mean, no?
-I mean, that's not the message I sent.
-What was the message you sent?
Wouldn't you like to know.
Lord Malcolm might not be that swift,
but he seems to be onto you chumps.
-She's bluffing.
-We'll soon find out.
You're gonna tell us
what we want to know.
Who are you?
The Pillsbury Doughboy?
Ooh! Just kidding.
I congratulate you on your analysis
of my situation.
Jack has uncovered information linking
an official to an unfriendly government.
-By now, he accurately suspects me.
-You're a KGB whoozi-whatsits.
A mole!
-Very good! You're a clever girl.
-What contact did you send?
Carl, please persuade her.
What contact did you send?
Since I didn't know where Jack was,
I had to discredit his information.
I put out the word that he killed
Carlson and then defected.
That closed most doors.
That's why he wound up with you.
-We don't have much time.
-Enough rehearsal.
This is for what you did
to our friend Zarkoff.
Don't do it!
Come on! Come on!
Watch out! Get up! Get up! Hurry!
Don't kill her.
-No, don't kill me. You're right.
-She's worthless dead.
-I gotta be sure.
-Be sure, Mr. Talbot.
-Shoot her in the legs.
Are you crazy? If you shoot me
in the legs, I'll blow my brains out.
TALBOT: It's just another bluff.
-No, it isn't! Look! See? See? Look.
I'm gonna kill myself.
Finger on the trigger. Stay right there.
She can't leave the consulate.
Take the stairs.
Ah! There's a lady with a gun!
MAN: What has she got in her hand?
-She's got a weapon!
TERRY: Call the police.
-My God, you're a terrorist.
TERRY: Call the police.
GILLIAN: Do you have a list of demands?
I demand you call the fucking police.
I demand you call the fucking police!
Want a hostage?
I've been trained to be one.
Please. I have a gun in your face.
I'm threatening myself.
All right, freeze! Drop it!
Okay! God.
It's down.
It took you guys
long enough to get here.
Let's go. Read her her rights.
-Come peacefully, you won't get hurt.
-I'm glad to see you guys.
Those guys tried to put my lights out.
I gotta get downtown fast.
COP: Don't worry, you will.
Get in.
Did you see the look on that schmuck's
face? Jeez, this is great!
-Shut the fuck up.
-Hey, don't talk to me like that.
Could you drop me off downtown?
-I have important business to deal with.
-You are nuts.
You still don't get it? Look, there's a guy
in Russia who's gonna die...
...unless I get back to my computer
terminal in 45 minutes.
It'll take
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