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t want your cheeks
dropping to your knees.
-Where is he?
-Russia, I think. I'm not sure.
People are chasing him.
He needs to get out.
I thought we could go to your husband
and get an exit contact for him.
-Why on earth would we do that?
-He's your friend.
That's what you do for friends
is you help them out.
-You're assuming a great deal.
-Come on, Sarah.
I mean, you don't want me to beg
on my knees, do you? I mean....
You guys had a thing once.
You were close. I mean, come on.
Jack was a very long time ago.
I can't help you.
-Oh, you can't?
-I'm sorry, Miss Doolittle.
There's absolutely nothing I can do.
You're just gonna lay back in your
pink room, in your pink towel...
...with your little pink face and your
pink blanket and your big, pink feet.
And you're gonna lay there and tell me
you're sorry? You're more than sorry.
You know? You know what you are?
You're-- You're sad.
LARRY: Hey, Terry, you are late.
Page is pissed, man. He is smoking.
Larry, you gotta stop smoking
them cigars, man.
-And for God's sake, lose some weight.
-I lost five pounds last week.
I even cut back on hog maws
and chitterlings.
-Hey, you're late! You're late.
-I'm gonna slide on down--
DOUG: Is she drunk?
CYNTHIA: What's she doing?
TERRY: Okay.
-She cracks me up.
DOUG: Terry.
Come on, get up.
Mr. Page is going to see you.
-I'm okay.
-Where have you been?
I went and had--
Stop wearing this lipstick.
Do me a favor.
-It looks so strange on your lips.
-Get her some water. She's drunk.
-Marry her. The babies need a last name.
-Did you tell her?
Terry, what's wrong with you?
You look awful.
-Your ulcer.
TERRY: Is Page looking for me?
Every five minutes. Be cool.
Congratulations. You've finally shattered
the Guinness record for tardiness.
I'm taking you upstairs.
I'm not gonna say anything.
Maybe one or two things. Come here.
All six of you, come here.
Look, I've just had several of the worst
days of my young life, Mr. Page.
And, well, the last thing I need...
...is some jiggerhead like you
to be screaming at me in a whiny voice.
If you don't leave me alone, I'm gonna
snatch this bad boy off your head.
I'll have to ram this...
...straight up your chocolate whiz way.
LISA: Oh, my God.
-Get Larry, the heavyset guard.
MARTY: Call an ambulance!
-Hey, that's my hat.
Help me with her.
Just put that down.
I had no idea he was bald.
MARTY: What did you think that was?
-Mr. Page, can we use your office?
-Come on. It's office decorum.
MR. PAGE: Well, put her in my office.
-Hi, Sarah.
Come in.
-I'm sorry to bother you.
-I was just cleaning up my apartment.
I was afraid to call,
and this couldn't wait.
Do you remember what you said
to me at the salon?
-Not a goddamn word of it.
-You were very eloquent.
Really? Thanks.
So I persuaded my husband
to get involved.
He, in turn, spoke with Ml-5 in London.
This is for Jack?
In the envelope, you'll find
the name of a person...
...and a rendezvous point. If Jack makes
this contact, he'll be home in 72 hours.
Hey. You're a real lady, Sarah.
Jack, you got good taste.
Pack your bags, bud.
I got good news for you. I got your
exit contact from your old flame.
JACK: Who?
-I knew you'd want to know.
Sinai Sarah.
Maybe we should leave
this game to the women.
Yes. Or maybe if you left
it to the women...
...we wouldn't be playing
these stupid games.
Okay. "Contact Burg will meet
you tomorrow." Okay.
Contact Burghardt. Will meet you
at Rezo Inn 5 p.m. tomorrow.
Smooth talker. Take care of yourself.
Keep your terminal open tomorrow.
I owe you my life. I don't know
how I can ever repay you.
I think I'll settle for veal dinner.
You're on. How about Orlando's?
Not bad taste. Orlando's. Sure.
Anything else?
Sweet dreams.
You too, Jack.
You too, man.
Oh, shit.
Mm, mm, mm, mm!
Baby, look what we have here.
-Take your hands
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