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gonna clean your window.
-Don't wash the windows.
-Don't wa-- Get me out!
-Come on, give us some money!
Only in New York could you be in a
phone booth, and nobody does anything.
Help! I'm moving towards
the uptown area. Help me now!
Oh, fuck!
I'll get-- I'll get back to you.
-Oh, you found me!
MAN: Lady, you okay?
TERRY: Hey, get the SWAT guys!
Your ass is mine now!
-I owe you one.
-Oh, no! No, you're gonna kill me!
-I'm dying!
-No, you're not gonna die.
-Not yet. Not till you tell me the truth.
-Let the serum take effect, Terry.
-Truth serum?
-What kind of hokey shit is that?
-Tell me the truth.
-Tell me the truth.
-I'm not gonna tell you anything!
-Come on. Where is Jack? Come on.
-You know, my ears are ringing.
-Only the truth, Terry.
-It is the truth.
I don't know anything.
I don't know anything about anything.
-I don't know anything about Jack Fla-
-Where is he, Terry?
-I.... You know, I--
-Fuck the insurance!
-Is my face melting?
-The key!
The key, Terry! I need the key!
Jack's code key. What's the key?
-The key?
-The key!
-The key is the key.
-What does that mean?
-The key is the key.
I gave her too much. Goddamn it!
Get in the car! Damn it!
I'll meet you back in the basement.
She's got too much.
The basement? You're not taking
anybody to the basement.
-Hello, police? I'm being taken--
-Hey, stop that!
-Do you read me? Stop, stop, stop!
-What do you think you're doing?
Hey! Put that down!
Turn that off! Hey! Give me that!
You bitch! Hey, you stupid bitch!
Let go of my arm!
Unlock the door!
What? Give me that!
Oh, shit! Carl! Carl!
Oh, my God!
Turn right! Oh, my God!
And you deserve it, asshole!
And that's the truth!
Oh, my God. You ever wonder
what the fuck Martinizing is?
-I do.
I wonder about that stuff all the time.
Oh, look! A tropical fish
and his mate!
-I love it.
MAN: See, I told you you look good.
Oh, boy.
Boy, they got funky-looking
people in New York.
I have to go to Elizabeth Arden.
I gotta save my friend Jack.
You know, he's a spy.
How do you know that's what
happens when you put Ex-Lax in tea?
DRIVER: I thought I heard everything.
Thanks, lady.
TERRY: Who the fuck is Elizabeth Arden?
I don't know. Hey, baby, open the door.
-Good afternoon, madam.
Jesus! Jesus! I--
-I have to see Lady Sarah Billings.
-She's having her treatment.
-May I take a message? Security, please.
TERRY: Jesus!
-No wonder they call it toilet water.
-You can't go in there.
-What's your name?
You look like a smart guy, Earl.
See this face? This is the face
of a woman on the edge, Earl.
-I know. My wife's got the same face.
-You have to make a decision.
Do you wanna work here,
or do you want to live?
I quit, I quit.
Does anyone have a pocket pistol?
God, it's hot in here! I can't believe this.
What are you people doing?
You don't have to spend your money!
Spend my money!
You want some money?
Beauty comes from within!
It's not something you can buy!
Except for you. You need the most help.
Use my MasterCard.
She doesn't know what she means.
Look at this woman!
She looks terrible!
It's a man.
Well, I never!
Sorry. Sarah! Sarah!
-No! Miss!
Miss! Miss!
What the fuck are you running here,
Wild Kingdom?
Loveliness is a woman's obligation
and reward.
Her biggest--
Hi. Remember me?
Embassy ball? Liz Carlson's cousin
Terry Doolittle. Hi.
-Good to see you.
-How are you?
Oh, boy, well. You know,
I hate my job. I hate this city.
I'm a little bit lonely periodically.
I feel like I got my period every day.
For the most part, the spy stuff is--
Big mistake.
-Other than that, I'm great.
-Karen, just give us five minutes, please.
Don't take too long.
You'll lose that tonality.
We don'
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