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I got Mace. I got Mace
in my pocket.
-Mr. Lincoln would like to talk to you.
-I don't want to talk to no Lincoln.
Get your hands off me!
What are you doing?
Hello, Miss Doolittle.
I thought we'd go for a little ride.
Well, I've seen this movie before,
and I'm not-- I'm gonna stay here.
LINCOLN: I just want to talk.
Don't be frightened, Miss Doolittle.
-Miss Doolittle, please.
-All right.
Where is Liz Carlson?
The company has moved her to a new
home, given her a new name, a new life.
You trying to cop a feel?
-Get your fucking hands off me.
-And where is Jack?
-Calm down and get in.
Thank you.
What company? What's the name of it?
It's the CIA.
Now look here, Mr. Lincoln.
What happened to Harry Carlson?
-Harry Carlson is dead.
-What do you mean, he's dead?
-"Dead" dead? And what about Jack?
-What about him?
You know what I'm talking about!
You just gonna let him sit there?
-You got a strange retirement plan.
-Would you like a lesson in espionage?
-From you? No!
-Well, I'm gonna give you one anyhow.
-Do you know what a pawn is?
-It's a shrimp.
That's a prawn.
-A pawn--
-Is the smallest piece in chess.
And the most expendable.
The ones you sacrifice.
Jack and I have been friends
for many, many years.
And Jack knew it could
come to this going in.
So let me give you
a little bit of advice.
Amateur night, Miss Doolittle, is over.
Get off the stage before
you get carried off.
Archer Lincoln.
I don't know about him.
Eh. Good guy.
MARTY: What are you doing?
-What are you doing?
-Hi, Marty.
-I'm just typing up my Christmas list.
-Am I on it?
-Yeah, right. I got you on it.
-Don't tell me, don't tell me.
Talbot. Repairman.
Good guys.
Van Meter. Dead but good.
Liz Carlson. Gone but good.
How about--?
Fuck, what's her name?
Sarah, Sarah.
Let's see.
Miss Doolittle. What are you doing?
I have to make an important call.
You know better than that.
You wait for your lunch hour.
But it's important.
I gotta call my mother.
She was standing on the corner
minding her business...
-...and this tractor-trailer ran her over.
Your mother is having a bad month.
Didn't she fall off a cross-town bus
last week?
I'd like to be her beneficiary.
-Get away from that phone!
-No, wait a minute!
-Get out of here!
-No, I was here first!
-I gotta reach out and touch someone.
-All right, forget it. Fine.
There she is.
Yes, good afternoon.
May I speak with Lady Sarah, please?
Oh, my name? Sybil Fawlty.
Yes, I'm the social secretary
to Lady, Lady....
Lady Andatramp. Yeah, that's right.
Lady Andatramp.
You know, she's the Dutch dog fancier.
Oh, yes. Could you hold on
one second?
-You gonna be all day?
Don't piss me off! Get the fuck
out of my face, okay? Dickhead!
Look, can you tell me
where I might find Lady Sarah?
Elizabeth Arden? All day?
Go be a gentleman,
see where that gets you.
I mean, that's our jobs.
Yes. Thank you so much.
God save the queen.
Bon vivant. Arrivederci. That kind
of thing. Yes, bye-bye. Bye.
You want a quarter?
Kiss my ass!
Find me in New York
for this fucking quarter.
Okay, okay, okay.
I was just-- Here's your quarter.
I'm sorry. Who knew there was
a phone gestapo? I mean--
MAN: Could you get my umbrella
while you're at it there?
These guys are serious.
Hey, my umbrella!
Oh, shit!
Hey, hey, hey! Stop, stop, stop!
Call the police!
You can't miss me! I'm a little black
woman in a big silver box...
...and the top of the thing
says "phone." Help!
Oh, Jesus! Hey!
Watch out for the car!
Help! I'm stuck in a phone booth! Help!
You, brother! Yo, brother man! Black
power! Get me the fuck out of here!
Right on!
Don't wave at me! Call the police!
Help me! Call the police!
Oh, fuck! Help! Help!
Джек-попрыгун Джек-попрыгун

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