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appreciate that.
Hey, I gotta get up to the third floor.
How can I help you?
-Here I go.
-Good luck.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
-Well, well, Miss Doolittle!
-Mr. Talbot.
What an Anglophile you are, turning up
at all the auspicious occasions.
-Like Cinderella at her first ball.
-Let's honor Her Majesty with a dance.
I don't dance, Mr. Talbot.
-Heard any more from Mr. Flash?
-May I cut in?
Of course.
-Good evening.
-You're a beautiful dancer.
-I couldn't resist.
-Thank you.
Oh, God, Benny Hill.
She can't just have disappeared.
Why am I wearing sequins tonight?
Oh, please, God, don't let me die.
Great, great! Crap! Oh, shit!
-What was that?
-Don't know.
Don't look down! Damn!
Fucking dress!
MAN 1: The frock could cover
the queen mum.
ANNOUNCER: Don't go away.
Benny and the gang will be back.
-Right. Now, where's Nina?
-Don't shoot.
Your turn this time.
Let me know what I've missed.
Come on. Come on, don't tell me
this bloody machine isn't working. Ah!
Same old readouts every time.
MAN 1: Hey, come on.
You're gonna miss it. Come on.
MAN 2: All right, I'm coming.
MAN 1: You can't believe this.
MAN 2:
Well, another spy bites the dust.
Oh, God!
What's that?
Not the crotch! Not the crotch!
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, Christ!
I don't know.
You're not gonna get me and my dress,
you piece of shit.
You-- Shit! Shit!
Excuse me.
Could you?
TERRY: Can't believe I fit in at the ball,
and some asshole on the street...
...thinks I'm a transvestite.
Jeez, these shoes hurt.
I gotta explain this dress to Cynthia.
I'll just tell her I slammed it
in a taxi door or something.
I think I just broke every
little bone in my wrist.
You scared me, Marty!
You asshole!
Look, I called you at 11, at 12, at
1. I promised that policeman...
-...I would be responsible.
-Who are you, Rona Barrett?
-Damn, you scared me! I'm fine!
-Well, I'm not.
-I'm gonna have to have this x-rayed.
Am I just a square, or is there
something wrong with your dress?
I got moths.
Big, mutant, junkie moths.
Jesus, Terry.
Dead guy, cops.
You got your apartment trashed.
-What are you getting involved in?
-...winging it.
-Oh, you're winging it.
Yes, I'm winging it, Marty!
-That's great!
-Well, thank you.
And now, live and in person...
...right here in the First National Bank...
...we present to you
Blind Terry Doolittle.
I want me a Jack
I want him come back
He's taking his time
I'm busting my behind
JACK: Terry? Terry.
-Oh, shit! Sorry.
Sorry, Jack.
I get a little carried away
sometimes sitting in this dumb bank.
-Did you make it, Terry?
-Are you crazy? Of course I made it, yes.
-You're wonderful.
-I know.
It's time to get your ticket home, kiddo.
We're in, we're in!
Request Anglo-American operatives
file number 114171280.
Exit procedures:
Eastern zone, number 49.
What's my contact?
Way to go, way to go.
-Terry, what happened?
-What happened? I don't know.
-Maybe they caught us.
-They must have.
-Now what?
-It's over. Impossible to exit.
-All doors closed.
-What are you talking about?
-Get out of here.
-Thanks, but we're no longer safe.
-Neither of us.
-Oh, no, Jack.
I'll think of something.
Don't do this to me now.
Talk to me tomorrow. I'll think
of something. I swear to God.
Jack, Jack!
Jack. Confirm, confirm.
Jack, come on!
Confirm that you are crazy and confirm
7 p.m. tomorrow. Please be careful.
TERRY: I know it's one of these houses.
Pull up there.
No, right there, yeah.
Okay, look. You need to stay
here and wait for me.
Just wait. I haven't had
luck with you guys.
DRIVER: Okay, I'm here, baby.
I ain't going nowhere.
Hey, Liz!
Oh, shit.
Where the fuck is the taxi?
Oh, Jesus.
Джек-попрыгун Джек-попрыгун

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