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the icing on the cake...
-...not on your sister's new sweater!
-Liz! Liz! Liz! KGB!
-Not in front of the kids!
-Can I write KGB on the cake?
-No, you may not.
JACK: Peter Caen?
-Archer Lincoln?
-Him. Uncooperative.
-Harry Carlson?
-Harry Carlson.
I thought he was with you.
That's what his wife said.
Was. Lost contact.
Thought he was homesick.
He never made it.
Have another favor to ask.
You have another favor to ask? Of
course, you wouldn't ask me was I hurt?
Did they scare me?
Was the water shitty? No.
-You say, "Have another favor to ask."
-Never mind.
Favor too dangerous.
Just like a man.
-What's the favor?
-Would you go back to the consulate?
Sure, no problem.
They let me in all the time.
Whom would I talk to this time?
Their computer.
It has exit contacts.
-Can you handle it?
-Yeah, I think I can handle it. I'll try.
I think the Queen's Anniversary Ball
is tonight. You think I could crash it?
Could try. Do you have
a dinner jacket?
Christ, he thinks I'm a man.
Will have to wear evening dress.
Terry happens to be short for Teresa.
-Had no idea.
-I know you didn't know.
Will try alternate contacts.
Could not ask you to continue.
Why are you saying that?
Because I'm a woman?
-Correct. Thanks for all your help.
I risked my life, and this guy
tells me he doesn't...
...believe in me, because I'm
a woman! What an asshole!
-What? No, no, forget it!
-I know you're there.
-You know, you--
You want help or not?
Because I got better things to do...
-...than to save your butt, bud!
-I'm sorry.
It's okay.
-I mean it.
-No, I know you mean it. Forget it.
I mean it.
I swear, you don't stop, dude.
Just forget it!
Okay. Here's what I need you to do.
First, imperative to have invitation
for admittance to the ball.
Try to be inconspicuous.
MAN: I hired the car for 6.
You weren't ready till 6:20.
The car was on time. You were
20 minutes late. What do you expect?
Christopher! Kiss, kiss, hugs, hugs.
Sir Hensley, Lady Hensley, good evening.
WOMAN: Hold the coat.
MAN: I am.
-Kristine De laGrange.
-Of course.
-I'd like to go home now.
-We're not going home now.
-I'd really like to go home right now!
-Please try and be decent.
-Your invitation, please.
-I don't have one.
Well, I'm sorry, but we can't let
you in without an invitation.
-You look awfully familiar.
-That's because I'm the entertainment.
How on earth?
That was very good.
-I don't believe it! Leslie!
-Come along, darling.
-You're embarrassed.
-I'm behind you in slippery shoes.
-You're getting very shrill.
WOMAN: You total bastard, Leslie.
I'm sorry, there was nothing
I could do. She grabbed my arm.
-Leslie, you're dribbling.
WOMAN: We've got to get
in the receiving line to be introduced.
Excuse me. We must shake hands now.
Good to meet you.
MAN 1:
How do you do?
MAN 2: Excuse me.
I don't think....
LIZ: Lord Malcolm, may I--
May I present my....
My cousin.
-By marriage.
-Lady Sarah.
How do you do?
You know, I can't get over the feeling
we've met before.
No, I'm quite sure
I would remember you.
Wasn't it the Sinai, 1982?
Yes, it's true I was in the Sinai very
briefly in 1982 in the summer.
Well, I simply wanted to say you look
as wonderful now as you did then.
Your 'ships. Get me out of here.
Get me--
Extraordinary friends
you have, darling.
-How do you know Sarah?
-Her picture's in Jack's apartment.
-It says "Sarah. Sinai, 1982."
-Yeah, they used to be...
-...an item a few years ago.
That was before she decided
to become a lady.
I think she just couldn't quite take
the insecurity of life with Jack.
Right now I can
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