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I'll be waddling on in myself.
CYNTHIA: Speaking of bows....
KAREN: It's beautiful.
She'll know this is a stroller.
Come here, come here.
Wait, wait, wait. Look, look.
Heidi, get your present.
-What is that? One of your friends?
-No, no. They all know I go down by 6.
I bet it's Mr. Page.
He's testing you, yeah.
He sent that message from upstairs.
Now he's lurking behind his monitor...
...waiting for you
to give him an answer.
"Jumping Jack Flash"
does not sound like Mr. Page.
He's more your Don Ho type.
Terry, you do not need any more trouble.
It defeats your own purpose.
-I'll be there in a second.
-Then we'll go to Cole's?
-Yes. I promise.
-All right. Now, hurry!
It's a gas, gas, gas.
"Are you alone?"
"Need to talk." Oh, man, come on.
Personal chitchat is prohibited...
...on the international bank
What do you mean, you're not on it?
Well, how the hell are you transmitting?
"Clamshell terminal. Can't say anymore.
This channel unsecured."
Scramble for privacy.
Give me your code key.
"Jumping Jack Flash." No, no, no, no!
Your code key, not your handle.
"Sing with me and find the key.
Tomorrow, 7 p.m.
I need you."
"Yankee pot--
Yankee pot roast was delicious."
You son of a bitch! You've been
monitoring my transmissions.
Hey, Flash.
Hurry up! She's unwrapping the stroller!
MAN: I learned something tonight.
I learned how much I love you.
WOMAN: You told me that a year ago,
and you let me go.
You let me marry him.
You never even phoned.
-If you'd asked me to forgive you--
-I was stupid.
I didn't know then that love was
anything more than a charming scene.
I didn't know it was something...
... that could tear at your heart
and burn through the greasepaint.
My darling, you're coming along
with me tomorrow. Brazil.
We'll stay there
until he gives you a divorce.
And then....
Then we'll get married.
-Yes, me.
I need you,
and I've got to pay for you.
All right, Jack.
You win.
"Sing with me and find the key."
Maybe it's in the lyrics of the song.
Here's the Marvin Gaye tape.
This is it.
The Rolling Stones.
Born in a column by Herb Caen--
No, not "in a column by Herb Caen. "
Crossfire hurricane!
Driving rain!
[SlNGlNG ]
But it's all right now
Damn, Mick, this is the only thing
anybody can sing.
But it's all right
Jumpin' Jack Flash is a gas, gas, gas
Jagger, step. On the replay.
I was raised by two lesbians.
No, wait.
Two lesbians? Come on, Mick.
Fuck a duck!
I was crowned...
...with a spike through my head?
This has got some weird-ass lyrics!
I was drowned in a four, five city hag.
Mick, Mick, Mick, speak English!
MR. PAGE: Miss Doolittle.
-Oh, Mr. Page.
What are you doing?
Communicating with pals?
Recipes? More advice
to the sexually inadequate?
Oh, no. You know, we've been
so backlogged since Jackie left...
...I thought I'd catch up
on her British deposits.
-Really? Well, color me so surprised.
-Oh, you're so witty.
-May I see these transactions--?
I've got to have that promotion.
I've gotta have it.
Mr. Page, oh, please.
Miss Doolittle, grab ahold of yourself.
-Mr. Page?
-Can I go home now?
-Yes, go home. By all means, go home.
-Mrs. Milsap is watching.
You'll get that promotion provided
you keep working this way.
I'm proud of this effort you're
putting in. Lisa, I'll walk with you.
Walk with Larry.
You go home, Mr. Page. I don't
want you to see me like this no more.
Go, Mr. Page.
Go to the wife and kiddies.
Good night.
Right on time.
Okay, let's break this mother.
See, I didn't think it was crossfire.
I know it's hurricane.
Rain? No.
Back? Bearded?
Okay, how about
Copyright 1968 ABKCO Music Inc.?
Oh, I give
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