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there. People go...
because of the beautiful horses...
and colorful jockeys, and...
Bug picked up Tia?
She said she was going to a party.
She said she'd be back Sunday.
Must be a slumber party.
Hop in the back.
Get your belts on.
Let her go to a party all weekend!
She's old enough to know better.
She doesn't listen to anybody anyway.
Damn kids.
Yeah? Kobolowski Tires.
Hi. It's me.
Can't you ever take a hint?
It's not about me.
I got a problem at the house.
I need somebody to watch the kids.
No, I'll tell you what you need.
Your horse fixer's in town
and you need to get to the track.
I ran into Rog.
He told me all about it.
The idiot had the nerve
to ask me for a loan.
What, you can't take children when
you're going to cheat on a horse race?
You got some religion
out there in the 'burbs?
I came close. I had them in the car.
Can we put our personal problems aside?
Tia took off on me. I was supposed
to pick her up after school.
- She wasn 't there.
- She ran away?
I guess. I don't know.
She's 15. She's angry.
She's confused.
And I need to find her.
Can you help me?
I'm really stuck.
All right. I will help you
because there's kids involved.
But as far as you and I
are concerned...
it is over.
However it has to be.
- I'll be there.
- Thank you.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
Your car's on fire.
No. It's just a little oil.
I'm looking for a party
somewhere around here.
That's on Totowa Lane.
My niece is there.
- Our son is there.
- Kids!
I don't think you ought to go in there
with that hat on. They'll kill you.
Really? Thanks for the tip.
I'm supposed to come over
and watch you.
Hi. I'm Chanice Kobolowski.
I'm Uncle Buck's friend.
May I see your driver's license?
Sure. Good idea.
Wait. I got it.
See. Look.
- Please take it out.
- Take it out?
You okay?
What's the matter?
Coming through. How you doing?
Having a good time?
Have you seen
a guy named Bug?
I'm Tia Russell's uncle.
You know Tia?
No? She's kind of new.
I'm her uncle.
You haven't seen the Bug
around here, have you?
Nice guy.
Hey, come back here with that!
How you doing?
Anybody seen Bug around here?
Hey, nice music.
Who is that, the Grass Roots?
I'm kidding. I know my music.
Stop it, please.
What the hell is that?
Hey, party time!
Let's get down here!
You seen Bug around here?
You seen Bug?
That's good stuff.
Keep it up.
Nice work.
How you doing?
Excuse me.
Crowded, huh?
I don't want to do this.
Just relax.
Hello, young fellow.
I'm Tia Russell's uncle, Buck Russell.
Have you seen the Bug around?
No? I'm looking for him.
You're Tia Russell's uncle?
Hey, give me that!
Take my hat, you punk!
- Don't mention it.
- All right, Pop.
You haven't seen a guy named Bug,
have you? Everybody knows Bug. Hip guy.
Let me through, will you?
Your mother know you do that?
This room's taken.
- I want to go.
- No, you don't.
That door opens,
I'm going to kick somebody's ass!
Did you hear me?
You were right.
Everything you said
would happen happened.
I don't want to talk about it.
I just want to get you home.
Is this a trick?
You know what happened?
Are you going to tell my parents
about everything that's been going on?
I've been riding your butt all week
about how you live your life.
I realized maybe somebody
should have been riding mine.
I'm probably the last guy in the world
you'd want to help...
but I really could use your advice
vis-a-vis Chanice.
I've been...
stringing her along
for about eight years now.
Maybe you could figure out
what the hell is wrong with me.
I did such a great job earning
your trust and admiration...
I'm confused why
I can't do the same with Chanice.
You know, there's...
one family charity case...
that loves you very much.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Nothing to be sorry about.
I'm just kind of glad
I got a chance to know you again.
Did you do anything to Bug?
Oh, my God!
What did

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