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leave you the checks.
- Only if it's comfortable for you.
- That'll be easier.
I guess.
Do you have a plunger?
While I'm thinking of these things.
For the morning.
My plumbing is bad.
Of course, yours is good.
I would imagine.
Don't worry about it.
Everything will be fine.
I've been bound up lately.
It's driving me crazy. I've been eating
a lot o fcheese for some reason.
I got a craving for the stuff.
Do you think maybe that's an allergy?
I don't know, I can't get enough cheese.
I feel like a big mouse.
- I don't know.
- Oh, well.
Let's see.
Oh, Miles' birthday.
We'll be back by that time.
Okay, then.
This should do.
I probably won't use them.
Just in case.
- Right.
- Great. Okay.
I know I've forgotten something.
What else?
All right? That looks nice.
Give me your arm.
It should only be a few days.
I promise I'll call you tomorrow.
- You've got all the phone numbers?
- Yeah.
- We're off. Thanks, Buck.
- Take care of yourself.
- We appreciate this.
- Thanks. Thank you.
- Say hi to your dad. Drive safely.
- You can do it.
That's for sure.
It's 7:02 in the a.m.
You're listening to
brought to you by
Kobolowski Tires.
For the best in tires,
see Chanice Kobolowski.
You remember me?
Uncle Buck.
The Uncle Buck.
Coffee drinker, huh?
- Hungry?
- No.
Sure you are. Everybody loves breakfast.
You gotta have a good breakfast.
Start the day off right.
- So where are the other ones?
- Other ones what?
The other kids.
They have names.
Miles and Maizy.
Are Miles and Maizy up yet?
I woke them, thank you.
There you go.
Are you deaf?
I said I wasn't hungry.
That's one of my specialties.
I'd rather starve.
Does your mom know
you drink coffee?
I'm not doing it to impress you.
I appreciate that.
Is there a reason why
you're giving me a hard time?
Am I giving you a hard time?
Well, I don't know.
- How you doin'?
- Who are you?
I'm your Uncle Buck.
- Do I have an uncle?
- Unfortunately.
Holy smokes!
He's cooking our garbage.
Where's your sister...
Her name is Maizy,
for the second time.
You must be hungry.
Just for you.
Oh, my God!
He put onions in the eggs.
I'm gonna check on Maizy.
I'll fix you cereal when I get back.
- Can I ask you something?
- What?
Is she always this pleasant?
No, she's usually in a bad mood
in the morning.
Do you want knots in your hair?
Cut it out.
- I want Mom to do it.
- Mom's not here.
- She is too.
- No, she's not.
- She and Dad went to Indianapolis.
- They did not.
- Okay, they didn't.
- They did?
Yes. And I'm taking care of you.
But you can't drive.
- Where do you live?
- In the city.
- Do you own a house?
- Apartment. Rent.
- What do you do for a living?
- Lots of things.
- Where's your office?
- I don't have one. I don't need one.
- Where's your wife?
- Don't have one. It's a long story.
- Do you have kids?
- I don't. It's an even longer story.
- Are you my dad's brother?
- What's your record for questions asked?
- Thirty-eight.
- I'm your dad's brother.
You have more nose hair than my dad.
- Nice of you to notice.
- I'm a kid. That's my job.
That is my car.
Tying your shoe?
- What time should I pick you up?
- Don't bother. I'll get a ride.
No, I've got orders.
What time?
Are you really this stupid?
I said I would get a ride.
I always get a ride.
I'll call the school,
find out what time and meet you here.
Go ahead, call the school.
I won't be here.
Stand me up today,
and tomorrow...
I'll drive you to school in my pajamas
and walk you to your first class.
- 4:00 okay?
- I'm stunned I'm related to you.
You get the pole out of your keister,
we'll get along fine.
Did you ever have anyone
embarrass you like this?
- You think she hates me?
- With a passion.
- Is it the hat?
- No.
A lot of people hate this hat.
The sight of it angers people.
I'll tell you a story about that
on the way

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