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He's getting better. Thanks.
That's good news.
That's encouraging.
I've got a good feeling about this.
He's gonna be fine.
I got a few questions for you.
You got an interesting set of plates
in the living room.
- Are they old?
- Yeah.
They are.
Where would you find
something like that?
In an antique shop downtown?
In England.
How many times a day
do you feed a dog like that?
How many times a day
do you think he eats?
Four or five.
He eats once a day.
Just once.
What does he like to drink?
Yes, he drinks water.
I would keep water out.
I've been leaving the toilet seats up.
The blue water's not good for him?
That might account for something.
Just an odd coloration
out on the grass.
I want you to know it makes me
feel secure to know you're there.
Thank you very much.
Okay, bye-bye.
Open up.
I'm getting mad.
All right.
Get ready.
Here I come.
Come on! Do I have
to talk dirty to you?
Open up for daddy.
There we go.
Nice and easy.
Come on, here we go.
Take that!
You don't want the crowbar, do you?
Come on!
Open up!
Come on!
I'm gonna shove my load into you
whether you like it or not.
Come on!
Come on, you son of a bitch,
open up.
- Freeze!
- Who are you?
- Cindy!
- She's in Indianapolis.
- What's she doing in Indianapolis?
- Her father had a heart attack.
Who are you, and how do you know
her father had a heart attack?
I'm her brother-in-law.
Yeah? Who you talking dirty to?
The washing machine.
I don't know how to work it, so I was
kicking it and swearing at it...
which is not
an uncommon thing to do.
And you thought...
- I apologize.
- Okay.
Boy, that's funny.
I live across the street.
- My name is Marcie.
- Buck Russell.
Marcie Dahlgren-Frost.
Dahlgren is my maiden name.
Frost is my married name.
I'm single again,
but I never bothered to lose the Frost.
- I get compliments on the hyphen.
- I'm sure you would.
I came to invite Cindy to lunch...
but since she's not here,
do you have plans?
I've got a lot of things to do
around here.
Rain check?
I'm only gonna be here
a couple days.
Cindy said it would only be
a couple of days?
She didn't specify.
I just assumed.
My father's heart attack,
I was out of town three weeks.
No wonder Cindy didn't call me.
You need a relative
for an imposition of this size.
Waiting for your sex?
Shut up!
Why'd you blow all that makeup?
We're just going bowling.
I'm not going bowling.
It's a great sport, and it's impossible
to get pregnant while doing it...
if you catch my drift.
You're disgusting.
I'll die before I go anywhere with you.
- It's going to be fun.
- They have rent-a-shoes.
And rent-a-foot-disease.
We've done the battle of the wills.
The deck's stacked in my favor.
You'll lose again.
Try me.
How'd you like to spend
the next few nights wondering...
if your crazy, out-of-work bum uncle...
will shave your head
while you sleep?
See you in the car.
Come on up.
There you go.
This is a bowling ball.
How you doing?
Never seen you here before.
I know about everybody.
That's why they call me "Pal."
Buy you a beer?
You must be a college student.
Cheerleader probably.
You look firm.
Give it a push.
That's it.
You like all-terrain vehicles?
I've got a brand-new Bronco
right out in the parking lot. Red.
Want to go for a ride?
If the object of the game were
to get the ball as close to the pins...
without knocking any of them over...
you would be champion of the world.
- Really?
- Really.
My throat hurts.
I can't talk.
I've got a cure for that.
You got a game going?
You're not going to get any strikes
sitting there, are you? Move it!
Get out!
Shithead, where the hell you been?
Sit down.
I want you to meet my niece.
Tia, this is Rog.
Rog, Tia.
How are you?
E. Roger Coswell.
Come on, it ain't gonna bite.
Okay. You've got to let
somebody know where you are.
I've been checking car

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