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Are we going to Indianapolis?
Daddy and I are.
And we're not?
No, that's not a good idea.
I loved my father very much.
So why did you move away from him?
If my family moved away from me,
I'd have a heart attack too.
I see.
- Who will take care of us?
- Mr. And Mrs. Neville.
- Is that a joke?
- You don't like the Nevilles?
- The dog's a ball sniffer.
- Don't talk like that.
Mr. Neville yelled at Michael because
their dog was sniffing Michael's balls.
- Don't use that word.
- I don't know another word.
We can talk to Mr. Neville
about the dog.
Sorry, honey.
They're in Florida.
You get in bed.
You have to get up for school.
- Who's in Florida?
- Get back in bed.
- What's the other word for balls?
- Get in bed.
What do we do?
I don't think we have much choice.
Can we trust him?
Buck, this is Bob.
Bob? Bob who?
It's your brother.
Hang on a minute.
Just used your Christmas present.
The Clapper.
You little pissant, how you doing?
Geez! Are you drunk?
You know something?
We gotta get together. I haven't been
over your house since you moved in.
I'm sorry about those bushes too.
I had no idea...
that they would catch on fire like that.
You were right. I should never
have put the barbecue that close.
Cindy's father
had a heart attack tonight.
We'd like toget to Indianapolis
as soon as possible.
But we have a problem
with the kids.
We're stuck for somebody to watch them.
If you're not doing anything...
Is this okay with Cindy?
It's got Cindy's approval?
Oh, yeah.
That'd be great. I'd be honored.
I've still got the one bedroom.
I'm going to get a bigger place.
But they can bring their sleeping bags.
We'll have fun.
We'll make tents.
Get some toys and peanut butter.
- We'll have a blast.
- I thought you could come here.
The kids have school.
What am I thinking? Sure.
Tonight or in the morning?
Tonight would be best
if you could do it.
Tonight will be fine.
Don't worry.
I'll pack a few things
and I'm on my way.
Thanks. See you soon.
He can do it.
He was asleep and I woke him up.
At this hour, that's a good sign.
We're all set.
Okay, this, this and this.
Bag, bag, bag.
This will do.
Chanice, honey?
I have bad news.
Let me guess.
You are not coming in to work
in the morning.
Just let...
No, but... You don't...
Would you just...
Give me...
Let me get...
You're not... Give me a...
Boy, I haven't seen those kids
in a while.
Tia's got to be nine.
Nine, maybe ten.
Oh, boy.
And the two new ones.
Larry and...
Larry and...
Larry and Jennifer.
Nice kids.
Honey, he's 40 years old.
He knows his way around.
Why don't you finish packing?
I'll watch out for Buck.
What the hell?
Where is everybody?
This isn't funny.
Come on. Wake up!
- I'm freezing my ass off out here.
- Oh, shit!
I'm getting mad, Bob.
Over here!
Do you know how many big white houses
there are on this street?
- Keep it down.
- What?
- What should I do with my car?
- For crying out loud!
Sorry, Mr. Hatfield.
It's 2:00 a.m.!
How you doing?
Sorry I'm late.
- No. Thanks for coming.
- What happened to the mustache?
- Had to shave it off.
- How's Cindy?
- Not well.
- Her dad?
- Hard to say.
- Those medical terms. An infarction?
I stopped smoking cigarettes.
Isn't that something?
I'm on to cigars.
I'm on a five-year plan.
I eliminated cigarettes,
then I go to cigars, then to pipes...
then to chewing tobacco,
then the nicotine gum.
- I'll leave you blank checks.
- No, I've got lots of money.
No, please.
I've got the money.
I'd like to do this.
All right?
Come on, please.
I'll pay you back when we get home.
I won't have any problem cashing...
a second-party
out-of-state paycheck, will I?
I've been so busy,
I haven't been able to do my banking.
- I don't think there'll be a problem.
- Let me leave you the checks.

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