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Get your bag off the table.
People eat there.
They eat on plates.
Don't give me crap, Maizy.
I'm telling. You said "crap."
- There's nothing wrong with "crap."
- Really? I thought that was a swear.
- You're thinking of "shit."
- Right.
Do you mind?
A sixth-grader chased me with his bike
and I was running.
When I got exhausted and fell down,
he waled me with his shoe.
- Thank your parents for that.
- How come?
It was their brilliant idea
to move here.
They weren't making enough cash
in Indianapolis.
Forget that we were
perfectly happy.
So thank them for getting treated
like shit every day.
- I'm telling on that one.
- Shut your face.
- Your book bag doesn't go on the floor.
- Always have a cow.
- Your nails are digging into my arm!
- Pick it up!
You're just supposed
to open the door for us.
You're not supposed
to kick us around.
I'm an American.
I have rights!
Maizy, did I kick you around?
No, but you said "shit" twice.
But only once for real.
I've got better things to do
than baby-sit you, you little stain.
Like what, hang out with friends
you don't have?
Why don't you just shut up?
Want to make me?
When our mother figure isn't here,
I'm in charge.
- I'm sick of you calling her that.
- Too bad.
You moron!
- Why do we need boys? They're so loud.
- Shut up!
- Shut up yourself!
- We need boys...
so they can grow up, get married
and turn into shadows.
Let the dog out.
This is such a wonderful dinner, Mother.
How do you find the time?
Maizy, put that down.
- Did you win at hockey yesterday?
- Hockey's been over for two weeks.
I guess you don't want a hockey stick
for your birthday.
You know what?
When Dad goes to New York,
I'm going to take a week off work.
So you can interview
new housekeepers?
- I've had enough of your ugliness.
- Really?
We're all a little tired of the act.
- This is really a good idea.
- Thank you.
- How's the pie?
- Not bad.
Will you be at work in the morning?
I can't avoid it.
You don't seem happy about it.
If you've got to know, I'm not excited
about working for my girlfriend.
There, I said it.
Buck, I love you.
I can't help myself. I want to get
married and have a family with you.
The clock is ticking away.
I would like to hear the pitter-patter
of tiny feet before I die.
I'll get you a mouse
and a piece of sheet metal.
- Lighten up, will you?
- Don't push my buttons.
I'm not pushing your buttons.
I know me.
I know what I like.
I like my friends, my freedom.
I like knowing I can go golfing
anytime I want.
I don't hurt anybody.
I don't see what the problem is.
That is the best formula for loneliness
I ever heard.
- Why are we arguing?
- We're talking.
I said I'd be at work in the morning.
I'll be there.
I've got to get this out.
I know I'm harping,
but let me say it.
I'm working on history,
on the past.
You're gonna show up? Swear to God?
In the a.m.? Promise?
Chanice, I'll be honest with you.
If I could think of an excuse
that you would buy, I'd use it.
- Oh, God!
- What?
Just a second.
It's your aunt.
What happened?
Your dad had a heart attack.
Who's gonna watch the kids?
She's right across the street.
She's the last person
I'd ask for a favor.
What about the Nevilles?
Would you call them?
I want to leave as soon as we can.
I am so helpless here.
Don't start getting down
on why we moved.
It has nothing to do
with what happened.
This is just a thought.
What about Buck?
I'm sure he'd be glad to help out.
This is not the time
to discuss your brother.
- I don't want him here.
- It's just a suggestion.
He doesn't have kids. He isn't married.
He doesn't even work!
He's a little out there,
but he's responsible and he's family.
Buck is not the kind of guy
I feel comfortable leaving my kids with.
The trashy people he hangs out with.
That woman who sells tires.
The horse racing, the gambling.
Can you see him in this


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