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the wedding?
- Wouldn't miss it.
- Okay.
You know, I don't mind lying about
the check being in the mail...
or that some kid's
the new Jackson Pollock...
but I just don't think $7.50
an hour covers whatever this is.
Well, you choose.
It's that or back
to the suicide hot line.
- Art?
- What now?
My name is Gloria. Don't you
ever call me Miss Fletcher again.
What are you doing here? Why do
you follow me everyplace that I go?
I'm not following you. I'm looking out
for you. Someone's gotta protect you.
- You can't take care of yourself.
- I don't want your protection.
- I want you to leave me alone.
- What are you doing with this guy?
Yeah, Art, Art, it's...
it's great to see you again.
You know, Betty's been saying
such wonderful things about you.
Don't touch him!
Don't even get near him.
I'm just trying to congratulate him. Anyone
who makes you happy makes me happy.
You are not fooling me, Gene.
I know you.
No, you know the old Gene. I'm not
the same guy. I mean, give me a chance.
l... here. Here.
I brought you some flowers.
- Thank you.
- Beautiful. Beautiful.
- I'm just a warmhearted guy.
- Wh... What are you...
- Hey! Hey!
- What... What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Giving him the kiss of death?
Kiss of death? What kiss of death?
What is that?
He kisses you,
you're history.
- Didn't you ever see The Godfather?
- Which one?
- Just a moment, sir.
- Sure.
You must be Bart.
And you must be Liz.
So Art told you about me?
Well, eh, he tells me
that you two...
got off
on the wrong foot.
That's a very artful way of putting it.
Yeah, I suppose it is.
- I know he comes off as a little, uh...
- Slick?
Uh, slick.
- I think he's cool.
- Cool, slick. Whatever.
It's... it fits him.
He's a very smooth operator.
He had to be to survive.
- Survive what?
- Well, we grew up without any money.
You know, I was an artist,
and the kids used to kick my ass all the time.
- He protected me.
- Hello, Bart.
- Hi.
- Hi. Art just called and he can't come.
He said there's some kind of problem
with your dad?
Yeah, the old man's got Korsakov's Syndrome.
You know, memory problems.
Well, it was very nice of Art
to let you come.
Very nice. He's got
a very nice side to him.
Dinner's out
on the veranda.
- This way.
- Oh.
- This is a very nice house, hmm?
- Thank you.
- Wow.
- Glad you came?
For me,
there is only Rimbaud.
Rimbaud. Why?
Well, it's obvious.
He's the original.
I mean, Seagal and Van Damme
are just cheap imitations.
I admire him because
he had the good sense...
to quit while he
was still ahead.
I disagree.
I think that two sequels was plenty.
Honey, Rimbaud, not Rambo.
Poet, French, dead.
I'm just trying to change the
subject before I fall asleep...
face down in my plate.
So are you saying that all artists
should quit when they're 18?
Well, no, but th-they should
have enough sense to stop...
when their best work
is behind them.
You're not gonna
smoke that, are you?
No, I'm gonna eat it.
Excuse me.
My ex-brother-in-law.
He's big on drama.
Unlike your sister.
Get off of my dock,
you maniac.
Are you crazy? Somebody should
take you away and, and lock you up.
Do you know what day
this is, darling?
- Yeah, it's the day they take out the trash.
- It's our anniversary.
No, it's not.
Our anniversary is June 8.
Our second anniversary.
You came all the way here
to tell me that?
I've been paying Dr. Huffeyer a lot
of money so that I could forget it.
Remember the church in Cabo?
That funny little priest.
The burro that ate my bouquet.
It's not gonna work.
No, but the music
is great.
Why, thank you.
Hi, there.
Go for it.
Fireworks and flowers are not gonna
do it, Gene, and neither are mariachi.
They were playing this song.
These are the guys.
I flew 'em in first class.
I even had to get Pablo out of prison,
so it would be perfect
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