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- Art?
- Yeah?
You still haven't paid me
for the last two.
You should thank me.
if Vincent van Gogh...
had been paid
for his paintings...
they would be worthless
You shouldn't be thinking about money.
You're an artist.
You're a real one.
I can see that in your eyes.
Huh? Yeah, yeah!
Believe me. Yeah.
You know...
You know, Manny...
Manny, go home and paint.
Paint, Manny, paint.
Come on. Eh?
- Yeah, yeah. Maybe you're right.
- Yeah, I'm right.
- But what about you?
- What about me? What? What?
- You were good.
- Good is the same as bad.
It has to be brilliant.
Yeah. So why is it
hanging on your wall?
Well, it's just, uh...
reminding me not
to pick up a brush again.
Yeah. You like it?
Take it.
It's yours. Consider it an advance
on what I owe you.
- I don't know what to say.
- Don't say anything.
Real artists
don't need words.
All right.
See you, huh?
- What's Manny doing with your painting?
- I'm redecorating.
It was the nicest thing
in here.
Excuse me, miss.
You have a provocative
work of art here.
May I take it home
and live with it for a few days...
before I make
my final decision?
And which work of art
would that be?
You. You're the most
beautiful one here.
No, I will not go home
with you, Mr. Dodge.
I'm sorry. Have we met?
See, sometimes my memory fails me.
I-I have...
Korsakov's Syndrome, which means...
If it means always hitting on me,
I'd say you have a terminal case.
- Art, your dad's here.
- l...
Dad, what are you doing here?
I told you I'd pick you up.
I wanted to save you
the trouble.
The last time you saved me the trouble, I
had to track you down at the police station.
I was not lost.
I was arrested for demonstrating against
the death penalty.
Me and my comrades
from the Lincoln Brigade.
Did I ever show you
my scar?
- She has seen it.
- It's a lovely scar, Mr. Dodge.
I'm the only man alive
with two navels.
What's this?
We live in a big, red,
horrible building.
That was in Madrid,
We moved here four years ago
when Mom died.
Your mother was a fine woman.
Don't drag her into this.
Come on.
Well, this is our home now.
I know that.
You got the big room.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- You have the one with the best ventilation.
- That's true.
Mm-hmm. Yes. Yes.
Ooh, yes! Yes.
That is exactly what I want.
Hold on. Okay, one cake with the three
in Roman numerals.
That way each one
can be a different flavor.
One could be vanilla, one could be
carrot, and one could be strawberry.
What? Ooh, mocha.
Mmm, that sounds good.
Should we lose the vanilla
or the strawberry?
- Betty, we need to talk and...
- He wants to talk about it.
- I'll call you back. Good-bye.
- Excuse me.
I am not losing the carrot.
God, you are so gorgeous.
You know that? You're gonna look
so good with me up at the altar.
- Eh, excuse us a second. Can you come here?
- Yeah.
Listen, Betty, um...
I-I couldn't sleep
last night, uh...
Um... I don't know where to begin.
You are so... special.
Yeah. One in a million.
A real lifesaver.
- I-I owe you big time.
- No.
But, you know,
I was thinking...
"Betty is just too good
for me."
It's like a voice
that says...
"Art, you don't
deserve her."
- It... um...
- What are you saying?
A-All I am saying...
is... is just... wow.
Two weeks. Is that long enough?
I mean, marriage.
Huge in the decision
department, right? Huh?
- What the hell did you do to my sister?
- Nothing, nothing.
- l...
- Don't you hurt her.
All I said to her was
that we were moving a little too fast.
I thought guys like you
always moved too fast.
If you're gonna play the stud,
at least have the common decency...
to do it well
and make her happy.
I'm sorry.
- I really didn't mean to upset you.
- Oh, darling, I'm strong.
I spoke to Dr. Huffeyer...
and he said that as long as
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