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bride is my little sister.
She's the greatest sister
a guy could ask for.
Please join me in raising a glass...
...to the couple we're
here to celebrate.
- To the Bings.
- To the Bings!
I'm gonna steam my dress.
Who will make sure nothing
happens to it?
- I'll do it.
- Who wants it? Anybody?
- I said I'll do it.
- Nobody?
- All right, I'll do it myself.
- I'm not gonna screw it up.
You're right. I'm sorry.
You were a big help tonight.
Thanks for helping
my grandmother get to the hotel.
- Of course! That's what I'm here for.
- Okay. Sorry.
What grandmother?
- Where have you been?
- Taking my parents to the hotel.
- Going back to work?
- Yeah.
- Nice shades.
- Lf I wear these in my scenes...
...I won't get spit in my eyes.
And, if I remember correctly, Ray-Ban
was the official sponsor of WWI.
Great! All right!
I'll see you later.
- Where's Chandler?
- I think he's in Rachel's room.
- Is Monica here?
- She's steaming her dress. Why?
- I think Chandler's gone.
- What?
- He left that.
- "Tell Monica I'm sorry. "
Oh, my God.
What's up?
"Tell Monica I'm sorry. "
Tell her yourself.
Oh, my God.
Chandler just left, though?
Maybe it's not what we think.
"Tell Monica I'm sorry
I drank the last of the milk. "
Or maybe he was writing to tell
her that he's changed his name:
"Tell Monica, I'm Sorry. "
- It means he freaked out and left!
- Don't be so negative!
Good God, isn't it possible that
"Sorry" is sitting in there right now?
Phoebe, I think Ross is right.
What are we gonna do?
I'm gonna have to go find him
and bring him back.
You make sure Monica
does not find out, okay?
But, if you don't find him
and bring him back...
...I am gonna hunt you down
and kick your ass!
I will find him.
Joey? Can you
go through these lines with me?
Oh, man, they just re-did my makeup.
- Just the last two pages.
- All right.
I found the picture!
Picture? What picture?
The picture of my wife
I found in your pack.
- Could you lower the script?
- I don't want to.
I need to see your face so
I can play off your reaction.
Okay, look.
I know you're great
and play all those Shakespeare guys...
...but you're spitting
all over me, man.
- Of course I am!
- You know you've been spitting?
That's what real actors do.
Enunciation is the mark
of a good actor.
And when you enunciate, you spit!
Wow. Didn't know that.
Thanks. Okay, check it out.
Picture? What picture?
- Have you seen Chandler?
- No, I haven't seen him.
- Damn.
- He's getting married tomorrow, right?
Yes. Don't worry.
Everything's fine.
- See you at the wedding.
- I wasn't invited.
Then we'll see you the
day after tomorrow.
Mom? Dad?
What are you doing here?
We thought we'd see what
the fuss is all about.
- I see why the girls like coming here.
- Why?
The sexy blond behind the counter.
- Gunther?
- She just added him to her list.
- Your list?
- Of people we're allowed to sleep...
I know what the list is.
Come on, sit down.
Have a cup of joe.
Dad, I can't. I'm sorry.
If you see Chandler,
tell him I'm looking for him.
And if you see Rita Moreno,
let her know I'm looking for her.
I found the picture!
What picture?
A picture of my wife, in your pack!
You went through my personal property?
Why do you have a picture of Paulette
in your pack?
Because, Vincent, we were lovers...
...for two years!
Cut! Wonderful!
Great scene, huh?
You were awesome. In that
last speech, you soaked me.
- Tomorrow's call sheet.
- I'm not working tomorrow.
- You are now.
- No, you gotta get me out of it.
I have plans. Important plans!
- Still no word from Chandler.
- Oh, man.
But they found the grandmother
wandering down 5th.
Okay, well there's one down.
I'm getting married today!
I cracked a rib, but I don't care.
Today's my wedding!
My day is finally here!
She might not even notice he's gone.
I'm gonna start getting ready!
We can't let her start getting ready.
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