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All right, that's it.
You want to do it? Let's do it.
That's right.
I want to do it with you.
Been trying to fight it,
but you said all the right things.
I did?
Yeah, I been waiting for so long
to get on that body.
- This body?
- Yeah, that's right.
Come on, Joey, sex me up.
You're starting to sound like
the butcher's wife in chapter seven.
Come on, now. Don't keep me
waiting. Take your clothes off.
But I'd keep that helmet on,
because you're in for a rough ride.
I don't want to. I'm scared.Hey, guys.
So, what do you think?
- About what?
- What?
Are you kidding?
Okay, I'll give you a hint.
No, no. Your eyes! No.
Chandler's eyes!
I got glasses.
You always had glasses.
No, I didn't.
Are you sure?
Didn't you have a pair?
They were really round and burgundy,
and they made you look kind of... .
- Feminine.
- Yes!
I think the glasses look great.
You look sexy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You didn't think I wore glasses?
Of course.
The One With Phoebe's Cookies
English Subtitles by
What do you want for
an engagement gift?
That's okay, we're not
having a party...
...so you don't have to get us...
If someone wants to give us a present,
we can't deprive them of that joy.
You should get them a
little CD player.
I already have one.
Unless someone borrowed it and
left it at the gynecologist.
Yeah, and by "someone"
she means Joey.
I know what I want!
- What we want, honey.
- No, you don't want this.
I want your grandmother's
cookie recipe.
You mean the chocolate chip
cookie recipe?
The one my grandma
made me swear on her deathbed...
...that I would never
let out of our family?
Dying people say the craziest things.
I've wanted it for years. I was gonna
make cookies for my children.
Break my heart. Oh, all right.
I'll be the mom who makes the
world's best chocolate chip cookies.
Our kids are gonna be fat,
aren't they?
- How's the boat?
- I'm getting into this sailing stuff.
You finally took it out of the marina?
Why would I do that?
It took three guys
to get the thing in there.
If you don't sail it,
what do you do on it?
It's a great place to just sit...
...hang around, drink a few beers,
eat some chips.
It's good that you finally
have a place to do that.
I could teach you to sail if you want.
- You could?
- I've been sailing my whole life.
When I was 15, my dad
bought me my own boat.
- Your own boat?
- He was trying to cheer me up.
My pony was sick.
- You know what I was thinking?
- What?
Nothing, I just like to go like this.
- What are you doing tonight?
- Do you have a lecture?
- No, why?
- Then, free as a bird. What's up?
My dad wants to know if you want
to play racquetball.
Great! Dad must like you!
He doesn't ask just anyone to play.
He didn't ask for you.
He asked for "Chauncey. "
I assumed he meant you.
Did you correct him?
No, I thought it would be
more fun this way.
Cool! Maybe you could
do this every week.
Or you could sit on the porch...
...and make sure no one
steals the trashcans.
He does that every week too.
Just so you know, you have to let
him win. He hates to lose.
Maybe I'll play with my left hand.
You're not a lefty?
Does anybody know me?
What's wrong?
I went to my old apartment
to get the cookie recipe...
...and that stupid fire burned it up!
No! Why didn't you make a copy
and keep it in a fireproof box...
...and keep it at least 100 yards
away from the original?
Because I'm normal.
That was the one legacy
my grandmother left me.
And I know you wanted it
as an engagement present.
We have to get you
an engagement present?
Don't worry about it.
No one got me an engagement present.
I don't have the recipe, but here.
I wish you health
and happiness.
An old cookie?
This is what happens when you
don't register for gifts.
I made a batch and froze it.
This is the only one left.
We can't accept this.
Why not?
Cause it's gross.
No, wait. I think I can
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