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in WWI?
- Mexico?
- Yes. Very good.
- Hey, Joey. We're ready.
- Yeah, me too.
Richard, we're ready for you.
Joey Tribbiani, Richard Crosby
is playing Vincent.
- I'm acting with you?
- Nice to meet you.
I can't believe this. Incredible.
You just won an Oscar.
No, I didn't.
I think you did.
I think I lost, three times.
- Cookie? Would you...?
- No.
We're about an hour away
from getting the scene lit.
- Can you guys run it a couple times?
- Yeah, sure.
All right. Let's do it.
And... action!
- We have to find the platoon!
- Forget it, the platoon is gone!
- What?
- Platoon's dead! Face facts, Tony!
What'll we do?
We have no reinforcements or food.
There's food in the basement.
Potatoes and some pasta.
Hang on. Joey, you keep
touching your face.
Something wrong?
I thought it might be
a cool character thing.
He's a face toucher.
I don't think so.
Let's take it back
to Richard's last lines. Action!
No weapons, but we still have food.
Potatoes, pasta...
...and a few tins of tuna!
Honey, we gotta go!
Here's a question
you never want to ask:
Can my dad borrow one of your
pearl necklaces?
Did he say what kind of neckline
he's wearing?
I just met him once,
but I'm guessing...
He is more of a if-you've-got-it-
flaunt-it kind of father.
Let me see if Rachel has anything.
Yes, include more people.
Do you realize that tomorrow
we're gonna be getting married?
I have a date tomorrow night.
- I can't believe we made it.
- Don't sound so surprised.
I'm sorry, but... .
- Nothing.
- What?
Well, honestly?
Ever since we got engaged...
...I've waited for you to flip out.
Honestly? Me too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I think that something
will come up and I'll...
...go all Chandler.
- But nothing has.
- I'm so glad.
Thank you for staying
so calm during this.
It's made me stay calm.
I could've been worse.
I'll be right there.
Before Saturday, you've reached
Monica and Chandler. 
But if you're calling after Saturday, 
you've reached Mr. And Mrs. Bing. 
Please leave a message for... 
the Bings! 
- This is my cousin, Maureen.
- We're the Bings.
Hi! You guys look so beautiful.
Mr. And Mrs. Bing!
Wow, Monica.
So you know, I had my
older-brother talk with Chandler.
What is that?
I told him that if he ever hurt you...
...I would hunt him down
and kick his ass.
What is the matter with everybody?
I'm serious.
I would kick his ass!
Ross, please, my makeup!
- Chandler.
- Mom.
Thanks for wearing... something.
This is so exciting! I thought we
screwed you up too much for this.
Just think, soon there will be
lots of little Bings.
I can't believe I'm going back
to get spit on again.
You're lucky, the people
who spit on you are famous.
- Who spits on you?
- I don't want to talk about work.
Mrs. Bing? These are my parents,
Judy and Jack Geller.
- It's lovely to meet you.
- Are you his mother or father?
What? I've never seen one before.
Dad, there's Ross.
Go talk to him.
I wasn't even able to act
like I'm okay with it.
Hello, all.
Hi... Dad.
Hi, Mr. Bing.
- Nora.
- Charles.
- It's so great to see you both here.
- Yes.
Although we may be seeing
too much of some people.
Aren't you too old
to wear a dress like that?
Don't you have too much penis
to wear a dress like that?
Oh, my God.
Of course you can kick his ass, son.
You could kick anyone's ass
you want to.
Thanks, you guys.
- Rach, Rach?
- Yeah?
Talk to Chandler's dad and
keep him away from Chandler's mom.
- What's he look like?
- A man in a black dress.
I'm Rachel, a friend of
Monica and Chandler's.
- I'm Amanda.
- Oh, I get it.
"A man, duh! "
Could I have your attention?
- I'm Ross Geller.
- Dr. Ross Geller.
Dad, please. As I was saying...
...I'm Dr. Ross Geller.
And I'm the best man.
This marriage
is doubly special for me...
...because not only is the groom
my best friend...
...but the
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