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of bras. Can't work them.
Wow! You didn't rip off
any buttons.
It's not my first time.
You go seduce her until she cracks.
Okay, give me a second.
- Did you clean up in here?
- Of course.
Oh, you're going?
Not without you, lover.
So, this is my bra.
It's very, very nice.
Well, come here.
I'm happy we're gonna
have all the sex.
You should be. I'm very bendy.
- I'm gonna kiss you.
- Not if I kiss you first.
There's nothing left
for us to do but kiss.
Here it comes.
Our first kiss.
- Okay, okay, okay, fine, you win!
- Ha!
- I can't have sex.
- Why not?
- I'm in love with Monica.
- You're what?
Love her! That's right, I love her!
I love her!
I love you, Monica.
I love you too, Chandler.
I thought you guys were doing it,
I didn't know you were in love.
That's it, it's over.
Everybody knows.
- Well, Ross doesn't.
- We'd like it if no one told him yet.
What are you doing?
Get off my sister!
Friends getting married,
it's gotta change things.
Think it'll be different?
How can it not be?
They're gonna have kids...
...and hang out with other couples
who have kids.
And maybe they'll leave the city...
...to be near a Volvo dealership.
Things change.
I don't want them
to move to a Volvo dealership.
It'll be okay, Joe.
Sorry. I just...
I like things the way they are.
Who's this little naked guy?
That naked guy would be me.
Look at the little thing.
Yes, fine, that is my penis.
Can we be grownups now?
- Who are those people?
- Got me.
Oh, that's Nana right there.
- Wow.
- Let's see.
"Me and the gang at Java Joe's. "
Monica, you look like your grandma.
How old was she?
Let's see, 1939.
Yeah, 24, 25.
Looks like a fun gang.
Look, look, look!
I got Monica naked.
Let me see.
No, that would be me again.
- Hey, you guys.
- What's going on?
Well, we were just talking about...
...you guys getting married
and how great it is.
Yeah, you can get a Volvo.
If that's what you really want.
That's so sweet.
- So, we both finished our vows.
- Can we read them?
As long as I don't hear his
and he doesn't hear mine.
Oh, that's beautiful.
Funny one! Good!
Will you marry me?
What? I don't get it.
Oh, yeah!
- Man, this is hilarious!
- Chandler!
Don't worry, we'll make yours funnier.
Okay, what do you think?
- Dude... .
- I have never known love like this.
- You really like it?
- Dude!
How did you write this?
I stole Monica's
and changed the name.
- You can't do that!
- Lf he goes first he can!- Hey.
- Hey.
I saw the Porsche parked out front.
Can I get the keys?
I'll take that bad boy for a spin.
Ross drives it? When I ask, you say
you're the only one allowed to.
He's my brother, plus he drives
so slow he couldn't hurt it.
It's a car, Monica, not a rocket ship.
Just replace the bulbs in the
brake lights after you're done.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Saw the Porsche. Looking good.
When can I take it out again?
- You let Joey drive it?
- I've never driven it. Not once.
Okay, once. Okay, I drive it
all the time.
So much for the "you-can-drive-it
but-don't-tell-Rachel" plan.
Wow, I can't believe you lied to me.
I can fix this. Monica, Rachel thinks
all you talk about is the wedding.
I won't let you drive the Porsche
because you're a terrible driver.
There. That wasn't about the wedding.
If you want a ride in the Porsche,
I'll take you around the block.
You got a couple hours?
The One With Chandler's Dad
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
Whew, that was a brisk ride.
- Take the top down, did you?
- Only way to fly.
Give me the keys. Monica's wrong.
I'm an excellent driver.
You're fast and irresponsible.
That adds up to a bad driver.
In high school, that added up
to head cheerleader.
Did you see how she looked at me?
She must've seen me cruising
in the bad boy.
- She's checking out your beehive.
- What?
- Give me a brush.
- The keys.
- No way!
- Well, no brush.
Fine. It doesn't matter.
If I remember correctly, there's
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