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Oh, please.
- Are you?
We have to have dinner.
What are you doing tomorrow?
- Tomorrow. I don't know.
- You're having dinner with me.
Shut up.
I've gotta go.
This has been so great.
Oh, there you are.
So listen, just call me.
Here's my card.
- You're in real estate?
- No, that's an old card.
I got out of that to do something
where I could...
...help people and make a difference.
What do you do now?
I'm a party planner.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Look who's back. It's Ray-Ray.
That was my friend, Melissa,
from college.
She seems really, really fun!
She's actually sweet,
and we used to be very close.
Wait a minute.
She's not the one who you...?
Who you what? Who you what?
- Yes.
- Wow!
Wow, what? Who you what?
Oh, it's not a big deal.
They were lovers.
- What?
- What?
No, we weren't. It was nothing.
It was one night, senior year,
and we went to a party...
...had a lot of sangria,
and you know, ended up...
...kissing for a bit.
So that's two of my wives.
The One With Rachel's Kisses
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
So this is where the band is.
And here's the bar.
And all these pins have people's names
on them. Rach, here you are.
Why don't we just put me
with a Manhattan in my hand...
...talking to the cute bartender.
These pins aren't for playing,
are they?
The red are my guests,
and the blue are yours.
This is so sad.
I only have like 10 pins.
Chandler, relax. It's not a contest.
Certainly not a close one.
Hey, Rach.
Stop picturing it!
I think that's it. The seating chart
is done. This is our wedding.
They all look like they're having fun.
So where are my parents gonna be?
Well, if this is the wedding hall...
...your parents would be over here
at home in Queens.
They're not invited?
Oh, no, they're gonna be crushed!
Why would they think they're invited?
You got me. I don't... .
- Joey!
- Look, I thought parents were coming.
Your parents are coming.
Chandler's are coming.
Ross' parents are coming.
Ross' parents are my parents.
Well, see, parents are coming.
- We should invite them.
- You just want more blue pins.
Well, this is just sad.
All right. Maybe I can fit them in
if I just do some rearranging.
Rachel may have to sit at the bar.
That is not a problem.
- Maybe you'll order a little sangria.
- Get out of here!
These are our tuxedos. If you like
anything, we can make a deal.
Anything at all. But these are
the three that Monica pre-approved.
Thanks a lot for hooking me up.
And I want you to know that I want
you to attend our wedding as my guest.
I'm Monica's maid of honor.
Okay, don't try to blue-pin me.
- Well, these look nice.
- They are nice.
When celebrities are done with them,
they send them back.
- You mean like for award shows?
- Some of them.
They've been down the red carpet
with people yelling...
..."Who are you wearing?
You look fabulous! "
Might I suggest watching
a little more ESPN...
...and a little less E! .
Okay. Who wore those?
- Well, this one's Tom Brokaw.
- Not bad.
This one is Paul O'Neil.
Who's that?
He plays for the Yankees.
Seriously, ESPN.
Just once in a while.
Have it on in the background.
- This one was Pierce Brosnan.
- Pierce Brosnan?
Are you serious?
This is James Bond's tux? I have to
get married in James Bond's tux.
It's a pretty cool tux.
It's not just that. I would be
England's most powerful weapon.
A jet-setting heartbreaker
on Her Majesty's secret service.
A man who fears no one,
with a license to kill.
Would Monica let me wear this?
We should really learn
how to play the real way.
I like our way.
- Nice move.
- Yeah.
I hooked Ross and Chandler up
with tuxedos. Do you need one?
No, I'm not wearing a tux.
- What are you gonna wear?
- Multi-colored robes.
And maybe a hat.
- Does Monica know about this?
- No.
Can I please be there
when you tell her?
You want to go to a movie tonight?
I'm having dinner with Melissa.
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