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Are you nervous?
Yeah, but I also can't
wait till it's over.
We have a pact not to have sex
again until the wedding.
A "no sex" pact, huh?
I have one of those with
every woman in America.
Will you give me a hand
making up the guest bedroom?
Cousin Cassie's staying with us
for a few days.
Cassie? I haven't seen her
in, like, forever.
I wonder if she still carries
a Barbie everywhere?
- She's 25 years old.
- So? I still...
You're probably right.
Pheebs, can I talk to you
over here for a second?
Subtle, guys.
I know you're planning my
surprise bridal shower.
Okay, well, don't ruin it.
Just play along, at least.
Okay. Sorry.
We have to throw her a shower?
What'd you decide to do
about the movie?
I don't know.
It's not like it's porn.
This is a serious, legitimate movie.
Nudity's really important
to the story.
That's what you say about porn.
Maybe I shouldn't go on the callback.
No, you should. A lot of major
actors do nude scenes.
The chance to star in a movie?
Come on!
That's true. And I'm only naked in
one scene. It sounds really great.
My character's Catholic. He falls
in love with a Jewish girl.
We run away and get caught
in a big rainstorm.
We go into a barn, undress each other
and hold each other.
It's really sweet and tender.
Plus, everyone will see your thing!
When can we have this shower?
She has so much going on,
we have only two options.
- We have Friday.
- That's just two days away.
- What is the other option?
- Yesterday.
If we make it yesterday, we're done!
It's impossible.
We can't do this by Friday.
We have to find a place,
invite people, get food.
There's too much to do.
- We cannot do it!
- Calm down!
Okay. I'm sorry, you're right.
I'm sorry.
Just calm down, woman!
Phoebe, I already did.
All right, then I need to calm down.
I think we can do this
if we just get organized.
We have two days to plan this party.
We need to make fast decisions.
Where will we have it?
- Here. What time?
- 4:00. Food?
- Finger sandwiches and tea.
- Great! Very Monica.
- And chili!
- You went one too far.
- Flowers or balloons?
- Both.
- We're paying for this.
- Neither.
- What should we do for a theme?
- Lusts of the Flesh!
- What?
- I don't know. Cowboy theme?
I'm glad we decided not to sleep
together before the wedding.
Oh, boy. Me too.
I was thinking, say we had a big fight,
and broke up for a few hours.
Technically, we could have sex again.
What do you think,
bossy and domineering?
The wedding's off,
sloppy and immature.
That's me. Come on.
Wait. Cassie's in the guest room.
We're going to lunch.
Get rid of her, obsessive and shrill!
Shrill? The wedding is back on.
I thought I heard voices.
You must be Chandler.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- So, ready to go?
- Yeah.
- Chandler?
- I'll be right with you.
- Cassie needs to stay at your place.
- Why?
Because "Pervie Perverson" here
can't stop staring at her.
Chandler, she's our cousin!
I wasn't staring.
I was listening intently.
It's called being a good
conversationalist. Watch.
Say something.
You were staring about eight inches
south of there.
Fine. She can stay at my place.
What does Cassie look like now?
Exactly like Aunt Marilyn.
This Aunt Marilyn,
is she coming to the wedding?
Wafer-thin ice.
Hey, I'm back.
Hi, Joey.
Will I read the same scene again?
I tried to call you.
You didn't need to come today.
Oh, great.
I'd have been perfect for this part.
You made a bad decision and
ruined your movie. Good day!
You didn't need to come, because the
director saw your tape and loved it.
End scene.
Wasn't that fun? We did
a little improv there. Yeah!
So, you were saying?
The director wants to meet you
Wow! Sure! That's great.
Your agent said you're okay
with nudity.
Yeah, sure. As long as
it's handled tastefully.
And that barn is not too cold.
Perfect. There's one more thing.
It's important to the
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