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Favorite Returning Male
character category, the nominees are:
John Wheeler from General Hospital. 
Gavin Graham from
The Young and the Restless. 
Duncan Harrington from Passions. 
And Joey Tribbiani from
Days of Our Lives. 
And the Soapie goes to:
Gavin Graham from
The Young and the Restless. 
Presenting the Favorite Supporting
Actress award:
Joey Tribbiani from
Days of Our Lives. 
Any one of the brilliant actresses
nominated for this award...
...deserves to take it home.
Unfortunately, only one can.
The nominees for
Favorite Supporting Actress are:
From Passions, Erin Goff.
From One Life to Live,  Mary Lauren
Bishop. All My Children,  Sarah Renee.
And from Days of Our Lives, 
Jessica Ashley.
And the winner is:
Jessica Ashley from Days of Our Lives. 
Unfortunately, Jessica
couldn't be with us tonight...
...so I'll accept this award
on her behalf.
And I'm sure that Jessica...
...wants to thank my parents...
...who always believed in me.
She'd also like to thank my friends:
Chandler, Monica, Ross,
Phoebe and Rachel...
...who's sitting right there.
Why'd we rush out so fast?
We had to get out of there
because... Look what I won!
Oh, my God. You stole her award!
No, no, no. I'm accepting it
on her behalf.
I don't think you know
what "behalf" means.
Sure I do. It's a verb.
As in "I be half-in' it"!
- You've got to take this back.
- I should've won. I really wanted it.
She didn't care enough to come to the
thing. It could also be a Grammy.
No, Joey.
No one saw me take it.
There's a whole table of them.
Do you want an award you didn't win?
No, I want an award I did win.
But nobody's given me any of those!
If I put it up, when people come over,
they'll see it...
...and think I won it.
Joey, it says
"Best Supporting Actress. "
I can scratch that right off.
This is wrong.
You have to take it back.
You don't want to win an award
this way. You're very talented.
Someday you'll win one of these for
real and that one will mean something.
- Oh, all right.
- All right? Thank you.
I'll take it back tomorrow.
If I can't have it,
you can't have it!
- Professor Geller?
- Yes, Mr. Lewis? How can I help you?
I know I didn't do well
on my midterms and stuff.
But I was hoping you could
change my grade.
And why, exactly, would I do that?
Because I'm in love with you.
Yeah. I'm all in love
with you and stuff.
- So could you change my grade?
- No!
Why not? You changed Ned's grade.
That's different. Because he was
actually in love with me.
No, he's not!
He's totally yanking your chain.
He's done this with
three other teachers.
- What?
- He's got a girlfriend.
I can't believe someone
would do that for a grade.
I know.
It's awful.
I love you.
- Have you seen Chandler?
- No, why?
I keep thinking about all
the things I won't have.
It's freaking me out.
I don't know what to do.
Don't sweat it.
Chandler's not around, so get it
out of your system. That guy's cute.
Come on, I'm serious.
- I've got to talk to him about this.
- That's the last thing you want to do.
- Why?
- Because you're marrying him!
You gotta help me out here.
I've never been engaged.
I've never really been married.
I can only tell you
what my mother told me.
When you have doubts or fears or
anxieties about a relationship...
...don't communicate them
to your husband.
I'm not supposed to share
my doubts and fears...
...with the guy I'm spending
the rest of my life with?
That is correct. Yes.
You're supposed to put all that stuff
in a little box in your mind...
...and lock it up.
Your mother told you this?
The woman who married a bunch of times
and killed herself when you were 13?
Oh, my God, you're right.
Tell Chandler.
Hurry, before it's too late!
Wait! Does this also mean that
putting out doesn't get you love?
- I'm gonna meet Jessica Ashley!
- Wait, wait.
Rach, please be
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