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Okay, but to go
in another direction...
Okay. This can go on for a while.
- We should order some food then.
- No, Joey.
Look, why don't we
just let her decide, okay?
We'll each go out with her
one more time.
And we'll see who she likes best.
That sounds fair.
Maybe I'll take her
to that new French restaurant.
Wait a second.
We have to set a spending limit.
I can't take her
to a fancy place like that.
Well, sorry.
That's what I do on dates.
Well, I guess I'll just have to do
what I do on dates.
- So let's decide on a spending limit.
- Yeah.
And a slice...
...six dollars?
- I was thinking more like 100.
- Okay.
Can I borrow 94 dollars?
I know. Can you hand me a tissue?
You're out of Diet Coke.
What? You what?
You listen here, missy!
Megan booked The Swing Kings
on the day of our wedding...
...and said she'd only
give them back for the dress!
Does that mean Carcass is available?
What am I gonna do? That's the dress!
That is "the" dress!
Chandler wants the band.
What do I do?
- Figure out how to talk him out of it.
- How?
You're out of toilet paper!
I wanted to wish you good luck
on your date.
- Thanks.
- What time are you meeting?
We have reservations
at Grand Merci Bistro at 8.
That's in 20 minutes.
You'd better get dressed.
- I am dressed.
- Oh, well, good.
For me.
What's this?
Did you give yourself a facial?
I have an oily T-zone.
Okay, dude.
- You sent Kristen flowers?
- That's right.
You spent 100 dollars.
That's the limit. You're screwed!
I sent the flowers before
the actual date, so technically...
...I didn't break any rules.
Thanks for stopping by though.
That's how it's gonna be?
I can break the rules too.
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.
- I'm not surprised.
- You won't get away with this.
- You don't have much choice.
- We'll see!
Hey! So, just a light layer?
Yeah, just here and there.
Joey got meat sauce
on the banister again.
Swing music is so out.
He's gotta be in the room
for that to work.
What are you guys talking about?
We're talking about The Swing Kings...
...and whether they're
the right way to go.
I went to a wedding
where they had swing music...
...two months later
the couple divorced.
I'm not saying
there's any connection here...
...but they did say
that's why they got divorced.
But I love swing music!
But The Swing Kings?
They suck so much that people die at
their concerts. They stop living.
When Monica and I went to see them,
we had fun.
And there's another reason.
- Well, what is the other reason?
- I don't want to say.
Well, you have to,
because maybe it's stupid.
It's just, while Monica and I
were dancing to them...
...it was the first time
I knew that...
...you were the woman that I wanted
to dance all my dances with.
Oh, crap.
- Our table will be ready soon.
- Oh, great.
- Is your back feeling better?
- That's fine.
I guess the more muscles you have...
...the more they can
spasm out of control.
- Kristen?
- Joey!
- What are you doing here?
- I like this place.
And technically, I'm not
breaking any rules, so... .
Well, Ross, this is Joey.
Joey, Ross.
- Hi.
- Hi. It's nice to meet you.
I used to have a friend named Joey.
I don't anymore.
Our table will be ready
in a couple minutes.
Sure! I would love
to wait with you guys! Thanks!
So, Joey, you look familiar.
Are you on TV or something?
He doesn't like to talk about it...
...but he's one of the stars
of Days of Our Lives. 
That's right. Don't you play a woman?
A woman in a man's body.
Much better.
It's funny, because you
look familiar to me too.
Have you ever been married?
Yes, I have.
In fact, just the other day...
...Kris and I talked about how
I've been married and have a son.
- Little Eric.
- That's right. Wait. No, Ben.
So you've just been married
the one time then?
- Well... .
- You've been married twice?
Yes. And...
...another time after that.
Boy, I'm getting
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