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- These dresses are amazing...
...but I couldn't afford one.
- I can't either.
I'm here to figure out the one I want,
then I'll get it at Kleinman's.
They're having a huge sale.
- Thanks for the tip.
- When are you getting married?
- I'm not. I just like to try them on.
- I do the same thing.
I'm just kidding.
I'm getting married July 25th.
I'm just kidding too.
I'm getting married in December.
- When are you getting married?
- May 15th.
It's close.
Who's your photographer?
- Jeffrey.
- We met with him.
- Did he show you nude wedding photos?
- The Best Man? Wow!
I know.
I almost called off my wedding.
- Who's your band?
- My fianc wants The Swing Kings.
You're lucky. My fianc wants
the heavy metal band, Carcass.
Is that spelled with a "C" or a "K"?
It doesn't matter, they're both great!
Oh, don't buy that here.
Now that you know what you want,
go to Kleinman's.
This place is so overpriced.
I own this store.
So does this come
in another color, or... .
Hi. You moving in or moving out?
- Moving in.
- Can I help out?
Okay, but be careful. The guy who was
helping before hurt his back.
- Boyfriend?
- No.
I'm Joey.
What a beautiful name.
What is it again?
- You live around here?
- Right down there.
Let me give you a tip.
Don't take a nap on this stoop.
You could wake up without shoes.
I'll remember that.
Listen, would you like
to have dinner with me tonight?
I have plans tonight.
How about tomorrow?
Sounds great.
Well, where does this go?
You look strong.
Why don't you grab one of the boxes.
Yeah, I'll get this one.
So this is Brooklyn?
Listen up. There's only
one dress in each size.
So when they open those doors,
fan out.
This is what you're looking for.
Memorize it.
When you locate the dress,
blow on these, all right?
Three sharp blasts.
When you hear it, come running.
Here he comes!
- They're pushing!
- Don't be a baby!
- Out of the way!
- Let's go!
Rachel?! Come on!
No, not it. Not it. Not it.
Don't crowd me.
This is it! This is the dress!
It's perfect!
I'm sorry, this one's taken!
- Megan!
- Monica!
- You came!
- Yeah!
- This is my dress!
- No!
- You saw me wearing it.
- And now you'll see me buying it.
You freak!
You wouldn't even know
about this place without me.
- Look, you don't want to fight me.
- Maybe I do. I'm pretty feisty!
- I'm coming! I'm coming!
- Hey!
Okay! Hey? Oh, what do I do?!
What are you doing?
Did you find the dress?
Did you find the dress?
No. You gotta get me out of here.
- We've gotta get Monica.
- You hold my hand!
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Go! Go! Go!
How was your date the other night?
Did you tell her about the magical
ride that starts with every flush?
Laugh all you want, but she said
she'd like to go out again.
In fact, I'll go call her right now.
And I'll make sure and tell her my
friend Chandler says... .
Sorry I didn't stop by last
night, but I had a date.
When it's 1:00 in the morning and you
don't come by, that's okay.
It was with this really hot girl
who moved in across the street.
- Right across the street?
- Yeah.
- When did you meet her?
- Two days ago.
You know, Ross met somebody too.
- Hey.
- How'd it go?
We're going out again Saturday.
But I found out she's
also seeing some other guy.
Joe, what would you do
if you were in Ross' situation?
I am. I'm dating this girl
who's also seeing another guy.
But I'm not worried about it.
You shouldn't be. I wouldn't want
to be the guy who's up against you.
I mean, that doofus is going to lose.
So this is nice.
I wish I didn't have to go.
Believe me.
But I have to.
So, what's the name
of the girl you're dating?
- Kristen Leigh.
- Bye.
Well, only one of us
can keep dating her.
Obviously. So how do we decide?
Well, now,
let's look at this objectively.
I think I should date her.
Or I'm the one who dates her.
That's interesting.
But check this out. I date
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