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being fun Aunt Rachel.
I'm glad you guys were bonding but...
Look, he doesn't have any siblings.
Somebody has to teach him this stuff.
I haven't taught him anything
a normal 6-year-old doesn't know.
- Crap!
- I gotta go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You want this scone? It came for me
but it would rather sleep with you.
Nothing even happened.
I just don't want you to be upset.
How can I not be upset?
I finally fall in love
with this fantastic woman...
...and it turns out
she wanted you first.
Yeah, for like a half an hour
one night.
Chandler, she wants you
for the rest of her life.
We look at you and we
see you together, and it just...
...it fits, you know?
And you just know
it's gonna last forever.
That's what you should say.
When you're marrying us,
that's what you should say.
Really? I could do it?
I'd love you to do it.
But those are the words.
Those exact words.
Well, I don't remember exactly but...
...it's pretty much about having
and giving and sharing and receiving.
- So you guys doing okay?
- Yeah.
We talked and Monica made me
see that I overreacted a little bit.
- Some things are more important.
- Yeah, baby.
I'm really glad you guys are okay,
but I just keep thinking...
...what would've happened
if you two had hooked up.
Honey, dinner's ready!
What's my little chef
got for me tonight?
- Your favorite.
- Ho, ho, ho...
...fried stuff with cheese.
And lots of it!
Thanks, sweetheart.
Give me a little sugar... .
Here we go, here we go, here we go.
How you doing?
- Hey.
- Hey!
I'm sorry to do this again, but
could you look after Ben for a bit?
I've got this meeting at school...
...and he asked for his
fun Aunt Rachel.
Well, of course I will watch him.
We have fun, don't we, Ben?
- See you later, pal.
- Okay.
Wait a minute. Ben, I can't do it.
- You got something on your back.
- What?
That's great. That is great.
What did we just finish
talking about, Ben?
"What did we just finish
talking about, Ben?"
That's it! Come here!
- You're in big trouble, young man!
- No, wait.
Ben, come here! I am not kidding!
You guys, hold it. Seriously...
Oh, my God!The caterer sent me this list of 12
appetizers. I have to narrow it to 6.
Food? Oh, give me.
Did Monica mention we're trying to get
The Swing Kings to play the wedding?
You're into swing music?
I used to go all over town
listening to bands.
- Chandler?
- Gap commercial.
- Did you book them? Did you call?
- I will.
- You want me to call?
- I'll do it. You stick to your job.
- What is your job?
- Staying out of the way.
This is impossible.
Why don't you just pick all 15?
- There were only 12.
- Oh, yeah, I added 3.
What are "peanut-butter fingers"?
The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
Well, hello.
She's cute.
Should we go talk to her?
Sure. Being engaged, I'm not nervous
to talk to pretty girls anymore.
Could you guys help me?
Yeah, let me get that for you.
- It's really heavy.
- I got it.
So hi, I'm Ross,
and this is my friend, Chandler.
I'm Kristen.
Hi. Are you new to the area?
I'd love to show you
around sometime.
I actually just moved
from four blocks over.
But this block is like another world.
Actually, it does have
a very interesting history.
This street is the first in the city
to have an underground sewer system.
Before that, sewage and waste...
...would just flow
right down the street.
Sometimes ankle-deep.
Excuse me?
You're gonna be starving after moving.
What do you say I take you to dinner?
- I'd like that.
- Great.
Let me take this up.
- After you.
- Oh, no. After you.
Oh, my God!
Am I crazy, or does this totally go?
Oh, my God! You look so beautiful!
Thank you, Rachel.
But look at Monica!
This is it. Yeah, this is the one.
I can't believe I found it.
Wow, you look so beautiful.
If I knew you, I'd cry.
I'm Monica Geller. Ball like a baby.
I'm Megan Bailey.
- Have you found your
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