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style" sounds nice.
Okay, uh... .
I was sad that night because
this guy thought I was Ross' mom.
And Chandler was really sweet
and he consoled me and...
...we drank too much.
- Yeah, baby.
I was a gentleman and I walked her to
her hotel room and said good night.
- But then, later that night...
- Yeah, baby.
Cute P.J.s. Really living it up
here in London, huh?
Well, I wasn't exactly
expecting company after...
Is Joey here?
Last I saw he was with a bridesmaid
and a bucket of strawberries.
You're not still upset about
what that guy told you, are you?
Wouldn't you be?
It's been a really emotional time
and you've had a lot to drink... .
You have to let that go, okay?
You were the most beautiful
woman in the room tonight.
You kidding? You're the most
beautiful woman in most rooms...
Whoa, what's going on?
We just made out.
- We're making out?
- Not anymore.
- But we don't do that.
- I know, I thought it would be fun.
How drunk are you?
Enough to know I want to do this. Not
so much that you should feel guilty.
That's the perfect amount.
- You know what's weird?
- What?
- This doesn't feel weird.
- I know.
- You're a really good kisser.
- Well, I have kissed over four women.
Want to get under the covers?
Wow, you are really fast!
It bodes well for me
that speed impresses you.
- We're gonna see each other naked.
- Yep.
- At the same time?
- Count of three?
One, two, three.
Well, I think it's safe to say
our friendship is effectively ruined.
Eh, we weren't that close anyway.
Joey, Joey, Joey...!
Hey, Joe.
I was just watching a movie... .
Oh, dude, I'm so sorry.
It's cool, I'm still
with my bridesmaid.
Where are the condoms?
In my bag over there.
Could you leave me one?
For just you?
All right. There you go, buddy.
Go nuts.
That's what that was?
If I hadn't left you one, you two
might've never gotten together.
Imagine if I had sent that hooker
like I was gonna?
It's like it was in the stars.
Yeah, totally meant to be.
Tell him who you originally
wanted to hook up with that night.
- What?
- What?
Who did you originally
want to hook up with?
Okay, fine, but please don't be upset.
I was really depressed, okay?
And really drunk.
I wanted something stupid and
meaningless. I just wanted sex.
So, when I went to your
room that night...
...I was actually looking for Joey.
Yeah, baby.
No, baby.
Oh, my God.
You came looking for Joey?
- Were you planning on telling me this?
- No, I didn't think it was important.
It's not important?
It's not important?
If it wasn't for a bridesmaid,
you'd be marrying him.
Do you know how unbelievably
glad I am that Joey wasn't there?
I'm a man of the cloth
but I still have feelings.
There's no way you're
doing this wedding now, okay?
What? That's not fair.
It's not my fault.
I was with my bridesmaid.
And who's to say
I would've said yes?
I mean, I would've said yes.
You are making way too
big a deal out of this.
Everything worked out okay.
It's just weird, okay?
I don't want to be saying my vows with
the mental image of you and Monica.
I need... I don't know what I need.
I need a walk.
- Wait, Chandler, it's not a big deal.
- It is to me.
You wanted to sleep with Batman
and settled for Robin.
- This is crazy.
- No, Robin is so gay.
- So now what have we agreed?
- No more pranks.
- What else?
- You and Daddy were not on a break.
Very good.
Rachel, what are you doing here?
I'm just visiting
my good friend Carol.
- Your good friend?
- Yeah.
What's her last name?
- Nice.
By the way, that line down my face... .
The line that prompted a student
in my last class of the day to say:
"Dude, don't you ever wash your face?"
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I don't want you teaching my son
that stuff anymore.
- Okay?
- Fine. Fine.
Once I taught him that stuff,
he called me "fun Aunt Rachel. "
And I loved
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