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You get thrown from a horse
into an electric fence.
A what? Jessica hates horses.
After this she's not gonna be crazy
about electricity, either.
Loosening the saddle on Mother's horse
was brilliant, Fredrick.
And the electric fence, inspired.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I can't believe she's really gone.
Look around you. All of this is ours.
I don't think so.
Who are you?
What's the matter, Dina?
Don't you recognize your own...
Cut! That was great, everybody. 
Thank you. 
That was so wonderful!
I think that you're a better
Jessica than I ever was.
- Oh, no.
- Of course not, but you were good.
Good news. I got another job.
Great. Hey, all right! What is it?
A film in Guadalajara.
The airport?
No, that's LaGuardia.
- This is Mexico.
- Oh, wow.
Well, how long will you be gone?
Eight months.
- That's a really long time.
- Yeah, but you could come and visit.
I bet you could own
a few places down there.
Oh, you know, I should probably
buy a place in the city first.
And I just got what you meant.
That is...
- That's a tricky one.
- It's tricky.
Good luck.
You too.
Now, remember, I'm still learning.
One, two, three, four!
You know this song. Sing along.
No!- Hi.
- Hi! Hi, Ben.
- Hi.
- We have a bathroom emergency.
Go ahead.
Before we do, are any of Joey's
special "romance" magazines in there?
- No.
- Okay, all clear.
Thanks, Phoebe.
That's Rachel.
But whatever.
Could you do me a big favor?
I have a meeting
at the dean's office.
Can you watch Ben for an hour?
- What about Monica?
- She isn't home.
So it would just be me alone?
Ben would be there.
What's the matter?
I've never done that before.
Me and him, alone.
He's not an ex-con.
Okay, okay... .
- What do I do with him?
- I don't know, talk to him.
Entertain him. Keep him alive.
- Okay.
- Ben, come here.
I'm gonna leave you here with
Aunt Rachel for about an hour, okay?
Gonna be okay?
- I think so.
- I wasn't talking to you.
The One With the Truth About London
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
What about the second minister?
I kind of liked him.
- You mean the spitter?
- Come on. He wasn't that bad.
Easy for you to say,
you'd be wearing a veil.
- And the third guy?
- He kept staring at your chest.
Can you blame him?
I don't like the idea of
me saying, "I do"...
...while he's thinking,
"I'd do it too. "
- Well, then we still have a problem.
- With what?
We need someone to perform our wedding
but they're all boring or annoying...
...or keep staring at the ladies.
You should have one of us do it.
We're getting "married" married,
not "6th-grade" married.
No, it's a real thing.
Anyone can be ordained on the Internet
and perform weddings and stuff.
I call it!
What? It was my idea!
Thank you very much, but neither
of you is marrying us.
Does calling it not mean
anything anymore?
We're having a legitimate
clergy member.
And when I say legitimate,
I mean gay...
...and in control of his saliva.
Ben, you know, when you were a baby...
...we'd hang out all the time.
I was your daddy's girlfriend.
But you're not anymore.
- No, I'm not.
- Because you guys were on a break...
Hey, we were not on a...
- When's my daddy coming back?
- Fifty-two minutes.
So no brothers or sisters, huh?
You know what, I had two sisters
and we just tortured each other.
- Really? Like how?
- Well, you know, we would, um...
...we'd repeat everything
the other said...
...or we'd jump out of closets
to scare each other...
...or switch the sugar with salt
so they put salt on their cereal.
That's a good one.
- Yeah, you like that one?
- Yeah, you're funny.
I'm funny?
Oh, thank God.
Well, hey, I got a ton of these.
You take a quarter...
...and you blacken the edge, right?
And then you say,
"I bet you can't roll this quarter...
...to your chin without it
leaving your face. "
And when they do it, they're left with
a line down the center of
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