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And a good example of the fun
I was referring to.
But I think I'm past the point
where I can just have fun.
Don't do this. This is just
because you're turning 30.
Yeah, it is.
But you're just a kid.
I mean, you're 25.
- Twenty-four, actually.
- Oh, God.
You know what I wish?
I wish you were six years older.
Well, if I'm wishing for stuff,
I wish I was six years younger.
- Me too.
- Yeah. Sorry.
Hey, how'd it go?
If I only want two kids,
can I keep him for another year?
You did the right thing.
I don't like this anymore.
Well, here we are.
Just a bunch of 30-year-olds.
Do you realize in 10 years
we're gonna be 40?
Why, God?
Why are you doing this to us?
Yes! My baby's finally free.
All right!
Start it up. Let's go!
How hot are we?
You want to buy a car?Thanks for coming by.
We wanted to bounce some ideas off
of you about the wedding ceremony.
- What's the matter? Are you okay?
- It's just... .
Monica said "wedding. "
We thought one of you
could read something.
Okay, yeah, I guess I can do that too.
I kind of have something else
planned for you guys.
- Do you mind telling us what it is?
- Sorry.
I'm kind of keeping this one
on the QT.
Whatever it is,
I hope it involves winking.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I talked to one of the DOOL writers...
- What is DOOL?
-Days Of Our Lives. 
You won't believe it. My character
is coming out of his coma!
- That's wonderful.
- Wow, Joey.
And not only that.
I'm getting a new brain!
So great things are happening at work
and in your personal life.
You're getting a new brain?
They're killing off
one of the characters...
...and her brain is being transplanted
into my body.
What? A brain transplant?
It's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous that you
haven't had sex in three months.
It's winter.
There are fewer people on the street.
Who are they killing off?
Cecilia Monroe.
She plays Jessica Lockhart.
She is so good at throwing drinks
in people's faces.
I don't think I've ever seen
her finish a drink.
The way she slaps people.
Wouldn't you love to?
Don't do it.
And she's been on the show forever.
It's gonna be really hard
to fill her shoes.
Help me out here.
When you come out
of the brain transplant...
...you are going to be her?
Yes, but in Drake Ramoray's body.
Why is this so hard for you to get?
I thought you were a scientist.
The One With Joey's New Brain
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
Rach, so that guy there:
Straight or gay?
Oh, yeah, he's too cute
to be straight.
Knockers will help us
figure it out.
All right, straight.
And not subtle.
He left his cell phone.
We could have Gunther
put it in lost and found.
Or we could use it to call China,
see how those guys are doing.
What if he calls his own cell phone
and I answer...
...and we start talking
and we fell in love?
Would that be a great story?
Kind of like a fairy tale
for the digital age.
That does sound great.
I'm getting the phone.
What? Wait.
Why do you get the story?
I haven't been
out on a date in so long.
Phoebe, you had a date three days ago.
That wasn't a date. That was friends
getting together and having sex.
Okay. Great. I get the phone.
No way. You just broke up with Tag
a week ago.
Yeah, and until now, I didn't think
I would love again.
- Nice try.
- Wait.
How do we fairly decide
who gets the phone?
I don't know.
Maybe we could... .
Ah-ha! Too slow!
Ah-ha! Too cocky.
I'm dating him.
There's nothing you can do.
Yes, there is.
Are you going to kill him
like you did Charles?
Oh, my baby.
That was great. And that slap looked
so real. How do you do that?
- Oh, just years of experience.
- Can I get some ice here?!
I just wanted to say how wonderful
I think you are.
You're not the fan who's dying,
are you?
I'm Joey Tribbiani.
We did a scene together yesterday.
- I'm the guy in the coma.
- Oh, that was a real person?
Since I'm getting your brain
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