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hung up,
but I wouldn't do that...
...because I know about this stuff.
- My mom killed herself.
- Really?
I'm not gonna give you tips.
Don't you see that this...
...all came together so I could
stop you from doing this?
- Couldn't it just be a coincidence?
- No, it's fate.
It doesn't really seem like
enough to be fate.
Oh, well.
Okay, here's a weird thing.
My mother was also a supply manager.
I'm actually the office manager.
Oh, my God! So was she!
And get this, okay.
Your name is Earl, right?
Her name was Pearl.
Was there anything else?
Where're you from?
- Philadelphia.
- Oh, my God, so was she!
I've got goose bumps.
I'm wearing layers, and it's warm.
These jerks might not care about you...
...but the universe does,
and that says a lot.
Did you hear that?
I don't need you guys
to care about me...
...because the universe cares!
The whole universe!
I really wish they'd care
a little bit.
Oh, this is terrible.
Everything is destroyed.
Look at this.
It meant enough for me to save,
and now I can't tell what it is.
It's still soft.
What do you think this is?
I think it was a mouse.
- How are you, honey?
- How do you think I am?
You've wrecked my childhood memories...
...you love Ross more than me.
And I just rubbed
a dead mouse on my face.
Sweetheart, we love you
just as much as Ross.
I'm sorry about what happened...
...and I probably can't
make it up to you...
...but here's a start.
- What's this?
- It's the key to my Porsche.
Well, the key to your Porsche.
I've considered getting rid of it.
I saw my reflection the other day.
Your mother's right,
I do look like an ass.
You're giving it to me?
You're kidding.
Well, wait a minute.
A couple of stupid boxes get wet,
and she gets a Porsche?
- Let's take a drive?
- All right!
What about me? I'm a medical marvel!
Hey, guys.
Have you seen Chandler's chair?
Joey broke it. He got rid of it.
Are you kidding? I get a Porsche
and the Barcalounger's gone?
This is the best day ever!Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Rach, come on.
It's your birthday!
Hey... .
She's not as pretty as
she was when she was 29.
Ms. Greene wants to establish some
ground rules before she comes out.
Please don't use the words
"old" or "downhill"...
...or "They still look
pretty damn good. "
They do.
Rachel, come on out.
Monica made breakfast.
Chocolate chip pancakes.
We've got presents.
Good ones?
They're all from the list
you gave us two weeks ago.
Can I keep the presents
and still be 29?
Come on, Rach, turning 30
is not that big a deal.
Really? Is that how you felt
when you turned 30?
Why, God, why?
We had a deal.
Let the others grow old, not me!
You guys, is it just me?
Am I overreacting?
No, it's not just you.
My 30th birthday sure wasn't much fun.
And now Chandler!
We're all getting so old.
Why are You doing this to us?
The One Where They All Turn Thirty
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
You're in a great place in your life.
You have an amazing job, good friends.
Your roommate's a soap opera star.
Your character is in a coma.
I promised myself
I wouldn't cry at this one.
I know my life's going pretty well,
but I see so many people...
...who've accomplished their goals
before they're 30.
Yeah, but you shouldn't compare
yourself to me.
- Come on, Phoebe!
- You can do it!
- Come on.
- There you go.
I did it!
One mile on a Hippity Hop.
That's everything I wanted to do
before I was 30.
Except I wanted to
patch things up with my sister.
Oh, well. But, yeah!
Girls, this thing is a godsend,
if you know what I mean.
Let's have some fun.
What do you want to do?
I don't want to do anything.
Doing nothing on your 30th is better
than doing something stupid, like Ross.
That was a practical purchase.
I needed that car for transportation.
Okay? I have a child.
How hot do I look in this?
Ross, a sports car?
Wouldn't it be cheaper
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