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healing process.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
She's healed!
That's weird.
No, it's not weird.
It's a miracle!
It's not a miracle. I'm sure
there's an explanation.
There is. If your heart is pure,
wondrous things can happen.
She'll understand.
I didn't do it on purpose.
Dad, that won't matter to her.
Look, all my stuff is safe and dry.
And all her stuff is...
...growing new stuff.
This is the kind of thing...
...that makes her think
you love me more than her.
My God. Does she think that?
Well, can you blame her?
We may have favored you unconsciously.
You were a marvel.
- The doctors said your mom couldn't...
- I don't want to hear it.
- Really?
- Well, not right now.
Monica came here for some memories.
Damn it, we'll give her some.
Okay, grab... .
Grab some boxes. We'll take stuff
from mine...
...and whatever we can pass off
as hers, we'll put in there.
Like, this. She could have made this.
- This could have been hers.
- Sure.
If you want to tell the medical marvel
story while we work, that'd be fine.
I am so psyched
I kept this chair for myself.
Yeah. Me too.
You know, this thing has
speakers in the headrest?
- No, really?
- Yeah.
You can hook it to the TV
and you get radio.
My chair heals itself.
All right. Let's just forget about
the people at the office, okay?
There's gotta be someone
worth sticking around for.
What about family or friends?
Maybe a girlfriend?
Yeah, right.
Oh, sorry. Boyfriend?
Okay, I should...
...be getting back to my thing now.
See you.
I'm not finished!
Don't you dare hang up on me!
The new girl's good.
Which boxes are mine?
- These are yours right here.
- Okay.
A coloring book.
You loved that thing.
You never went anywhere without...
...without that coloring book.
Looks like I had trouble
staying in the lines.
Wow, look at this.
I can't believe I even
fit into this shirt.
Oh, this is yours.
I don't know how that got in there.
Hey, this isn't my stuff.
Ross, these are your boxes.
Where are my boxes?
The garage flooded, sweetie,
and ruined your boxes. I'm sorry.
Just mine?
I'm afraid so.
Why wasn't Ross' stuff ruined?
I used your boxes to divert
water away from the Porsche.
Ross' stuff is fine,
but I have no memories...
...so you could keep the bottom
of your car from water?
There was also
leaves and gook and stuff.
I can't believe this!
Screw it. I'm having one.
- Hey, Chandler.
- Hey.
How'd you like to sit
in a chair that reclines...
...has a rolling massage...
...and speakers in the headrest?
I've tried that so many times...
...they won't even let me
in the store anymore.
What if I said you could
do it in my apartment?
Are you telling me...
...you bought the chair
that makes all others obsolete?
The chair that Sit Magazine called
"Chair of the Year"?
I just purchased...
...the La-Z-Boy E-Cliner 3000.
Well, that's awesome! That's great!
What made you do it?
It's a long story, but,
I broke Joey's chair...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You broke Joey's chair?
I thought I did, that's why
I replaced it with mine.
That's how it got fixed!
You thought that elves
came in and fixed it?
I'm getting my chair back.
Well, looks like
it wasn't healed after all!
I guess this chair's mine now.
Joey, you broke my chair!
Your chair?
He thought he broke it,
so he switched chairs.
So there was no miracle?
No, Joe. No miracle.
Oh, no! This is devastating!
My faith is shaken. I'm glad I have
a new chair to get me through this.
Where can I find Earl?
He's the supply manager here.
I don't know any Earl.
I'm right here!
I'm Phoebe.
The lady who sells toner?
Look, you can't kill yourself.
Look, I really appreciate
you coming down...
No, I can't let you do it.
- Why?
- Because, fate made me call you today.
I thought it was toner.
Think about it, okay?
This isn't even my regular job.
My first day, you're my first call.
Somebody else may have
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