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s right.
If you want some extra cash...
...some college friends made
good money doing telemarketing.
It'd be better than the last
telephone job I had.
I probably won't have to say
"spank" as much.
Oh, yeah, like you never called.
This is very easy.
You read from the script...
...and try to sell as much
toner as you can.
Okay, I can do that.
By the way, I love my office.
- Why don't we do a trial run?
- Oh, okay.
All right.
Hi, this is Phoebe
from Empire Office Supplies.
- Can I speak to your supply manager?
- I'm the supply manager.
I'd like to talk
about your toner needs.
We don't need any.
Okay, sorry to bother you. Bye-bye.
Yeah, you're right. This is easy.
Okay. What was wrong with that call?
Oh, well, all right.
No offense,
but you were kind of rude.
They always say they
don't need toner. That's okay.
Whatever they say, you can find the
answer to it, here in the script.
So I think you're ready to sell toner.
- Do you have any last questions?
- No.
Wait, yes, I do have one question:
What is toner?
Full bag?
Beer's still cold.
Something terrible
must have happened here.
Oh, no, no, no!
Stevie, I was never here.
- Dad?
- I'm here!
- Hey.
- Hi.
Seems like just yesterday you guys
used to come out to watch me work.
We can't believe
you're selling the house.
Time for a new family
to start here.
I hope their check clears before
they find the crack...
...in the foundation
and the asbestos in the ceiling.
Let's grab our stuff and
get the hell out of here.
- Sorry we can't store your things.
- Oh, it's okay.
I can't wait to see everything again.
I don't know what's down here.
But there are six or seven
Easy-Bake Ovens in the attic.
I used to love to play restaurant.
Not as much as you loved to play
"uncooked batter eater. "
You can't expect a child to wait
for a light bulb to cook brownies.
So I think your boxes are over here.
Oh, great.
...whose cigarettes are these?
I don't know.
They must be your mother's.
But please, please don't ask her.
I'll throw these away.
Cool! Dad, my report cards!
Hey, check this out.
Math, "A. " Science, "A. "
History, "A. " Gym... .
My rock polisher!
- Uh-oh.
- What?
You know how the garage
floods every spring?
How are you ever gonna sell
this place?
I think I accidentally
used Monica's boxes...
...to keep the water away
from the Porsche.
Oh, no, Dad. Dad?
What the...
Oh, God.
Everything's ruined!
Dad, she's gonna be crushed.
You don't secretly smoke, do you?
So it's just your mother then.
Hi. This is Phoebe
from Empire Office Supplies.
Can I speak to your
supply manager, please?
Earl. Thanks.
Hi, Earl. This is Phoebe
from Empire Office Supplies.
I'd like to talk to you
about your toner needs.
I don't need any toner.
I hear what you're saying, but at
our prices, everyone needs toner.
Not me.
May I ask why?
You want to know why?
You want to know why?
I surely do.
I don't need any toner...
...because I'm gonna kill myself.
Is that because you're out of toner?
Okay, so no toner today.
Thanks anyway. Bye-bye.
Wait, wait! I can't let you hang up.
Just please talk to me.
Well... .
I only had one thing to do today.
I guess I could push it back.
Yeah. Now, why do you
want to kill yourself?
I've been working for 10 years
now at this...
...meaningless, dead-end job...
...and nobody here
even knows that I exist.
I'm sorry?
...I'm sure that people know
you exist.
Oh, yeah? I work in a cubicle...
...surrounded by people.
I've been talking to you for five
minutes now about killing myself...
...and no one's even looked up
from their desk. Hang on.
Hey, everybody...
...I'm gonna kill myself.
I got nothing.
Good chair.
Now, if anybody asks...
...your name is Rosita.
Poor thing. Cut down in her prime.
Joey, the new chair
will be here in an hour.
Maybe we should move
Rosita out of here.
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