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be alone.
- Sh. Get me out of here.
- Oh, okay.
- Hey, Ross.
- What?
- Check it out.
- Is it the comet?
No. Look, there's a bug
stuck in tar right here.
I can't believe...
I bring you to see
the Bapstein-King comet...
...one of nature's
most spectacular phenomena...
...and all you care about are bugs
stuck in tar and some woman.
You know, there's two women, dude.
Show me where.
Okay. Right up here.
Joey, where's the pipe
that was holding the door open?
I don't know.
Yeah, I do.
- Joey!
- What? Hey, don't look at me!
You wanted to come up here and look
for some stupid Burger King comet.
It's called the
Bapstein-King comet, okay?
Hey, Bapstein was a very
well-respected astronomer from...
- Monica.
- She's sleeping.
I know. Just a quick question.
Which one was Deep Impact
and which one was Armageddon?
Deep Impact was the one
with Robert Duvall.
Armageddon is what's going
to happen to you if you wake me up.
Sorry, I just can't sleep.
Where's that book you're reading
with two women who are ice-skating...
...and wearing those hats
with the flowers on it.
Because every time I look
at that cover, I'm like...
It's in the living room,
where there's also a light...
...and no one will
kick you in the shin.
Please don't be a spaceship.
Please don't be a spaceship.
Oh, thank God.
How could you be beeping?
I just disconnected you!
I took out your battery! How can...?
Don't interrupt me!
Monica! Monica!
Come on!
I can't believe this!
All right, well, I guess we know
what we have to do to get down.
Yeah, I guess we don't have a choice.
Help us! Please, help us!
We're stuck up on the roof,
and we can't get down!
I was thinking we'd just
go down the fire escape.
I know. I wasn't finished.
But don't worry!
We're gonna go down the fire escape!
I'm sorry, I thought I'd make some
warm milk and it would help me sleep.
With a wok?
My boring book didn't
put you to sleep?
It got interesting.
Damn you, Oprah!
Here, let me make the milk.
I'm up anyway.
You know what we could do
now that we're up?
We could just talk
to each other all night long.
Like when we were first dating.
It'd be fun.
- Okay, that does sound fun.
- Yeah.
So how bummed were you
when the second sister died, huh?
The second sister dies?!
No, I was talking
about the book I was reading.
The second sister dies in
Archie and Jughead Double Digest?
That's correct.
Want to go in the bedroom?
It's more comfortable.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Oh, wait, did you send
those contracts to Milan?
If this is your idea of sexy talk... .
Did you overnight
the contracts I gave you?
What contracts?
Please tell me this is just one
of your jokes that I don't get.
Like what?
Like the thing when you
put the phone in your pants?
Tag, I'm serious.
This isn't funny.
Those contracts had to go out today.
You didn't give me any contracts.
Yes, I did. I put a little
Post-it on it that said:
"Must go out today," and I
underlined "today" three times.
Then I put a little heart in the
corner so I wouldn't seem too bossy.
You never gave them to me.
If we went to the office, you would see
those contracts sitting on your desk.
No, I'd see you looking embarrassed
because they are not on my desk.
Maybe I'm embarrassed because you
talk on the phone with your crotch.
You want to go to the office now?
Come on, it's late.
We're not going down to the office.
Yeah, I understand. I wouldn't
want to be proved wrong either.
All right, get your coat!
Oh! When did you unhook this?
Nice work!
It won't go down any further.
It's stuck.
We'll just have to jump.
Now, we're gonna have
to make sure to land...
...to the right of that
patch of ice, okay?
Not hit the dumpster
on the other side.
And try to avoid that weird
brownish-red stuff in the middle.
So when you get down there...
...you go up to the roof
and you let me in.
- Wait a minute. I
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