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you with this cake.
I got it first,
and I'm taking it back!
- What? Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
You think I trust you with it?
No, we'll split it.
That's not fair. You had some.
I think Monica would be
very interested to know...
...that you called her cheesecake
"dry and mealy. "
What do we use to split it?
All right, pick a half.
Well, this side looks bigger.
But there's more crust on this side.
Maybe if I measure it...
Pick a piece!
- All right, I pick that one.
- It's the smaller piece.
Okay. There you go.
Enjoy your half, my friend.
But that is it.
No sharing, no switching,
and don't come crying to me...
...if you eat your piece too fast.
- You gonna give me some of yours?
- Oh, no.
No switching, no sharing.
And don't come crying to me.
I may just sit here
and have my cake all day.
Just sit here in the hallway
and eat my...
Ross, sweetheart!
Oh, hey, Aunt Millie.
- Isn't it a beautiful wedding?
- Yes, it is.
Every time, on the lips!
Why? Why on the lips?
There's Frannie.
Won't she be happy to see me?
You be nice, all right?
I didn't bring you to ambush her.
Frannie was the one
who showed your Playboys to Mom.
That bitch.
Am I doing here?
Surprised to see me?
Ross brought me.
How do you like that?
Hi, Frannie. Congratulations.
You invite my whole family,
and not me? Why?
Why wouldn't you want me here?
What could I have done?
I believe you know my husband.
So it's really a question
of "who" could you have done.
I hate this, but I have to go.
I can't miss my flight.
I bet there's
another flight to Minsk in...
That's really beautiful.
What does it mean?
"Please clean my beakers. "
I don't get out of the lab much.
I thought it meant something else.
Yeah, well, I really actually
wanted to say...
But I figured I probably shouldn't
...I have to leave.
No, you're right. Don't say it.
I do, though.
I do too.
Well, bye, Phoebe.
Now's not the time, Joey.
You can yell at me tomorrow.
Wait, no, Pheebs.
I'm not gonna yell at you.
I just started thinking
about you and David...
...and I remember how bummed you were
the first time he left.
Oh, Pheebs, come here.
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not okay.
The only guy I've ever been
crazy about is going to Minsk...
...and I may never see him again.
You could always visit him.
Right. Like they'll let me
have a passport.
Anything I can do? Whatever you need.
Well, now...
...if you achieve distillation of
subatomic particles before he does...
...then he could come back.
I could give it a shot.
Oh, look! There's a piece
that doesn't have floor on it.
- Stick to your side!
- Come on, now!
All right, what are we having?
Oh, wait, I forgot my wrap.
Okay, wait here.
Hi, sweetie! Are you leaving?
- Well...
- Give us a kiss. Come on.
Why? Why on the lips?Ross, when's this comet thing start?
Well, technically, it started
7 billion years ago.
Okay. Fine, I'll stop.
No teaching, okay?
We'll just watch the pretty light
streaking across the sky.
Whose official name is Bapstein-King.
Okay! Okay!
There it is. Oh, look at that!
Isn't Mother Nature amazing?
That's a plane.
Well, all right, 1 700 bags
of peanuts flying that high...
...that's pretty amazing too.
- I wonder if you can see my apartment.
- No, you can't.
- What?
- I don't know.
Man, look at all those stars.
Infinite space. It really makes you
wonder, doesn't it?
- Know what else makes you wonder?
- What?
Check out the rack on that chick.
The One Where They're Up All Night
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
We've been out here for two hours...
...and we haven't seen any
stupid comets. Can we go now?
I mean, Chandler's getting chilly.
No, I'm not.
Then why are you wearing
Monica's jacket?
Because it's flattering!
Come on, Monica. Come on, Monica.
- We're going too. We got a movie.
- I won't say no to a movie.
Oh, Pheebs, we just actually
wanted to
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