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you the
right to ditch me!
You can cancel plans with friends
if there's a possibility for sex.
He's right. That is the rule.
I don't accept it. When we make
plans, I expect you to show up.
I'm not a way to kill time
till you meet someone better.
Boyfriends and girlfriends will
come and go, but this is for life.
I'm so sorry. I had no idea
it would bother you this much.
Well, it does.
Well, can I make it up to you?
I'm sorry.
How about dinner tomorrow night?
I'll pay for myself.
Okay, you wore me down.
While you're over there, how
about a beer for "The Ross-a-tron"?
"Ross..." Is that back?
The other cheesecake came.
They delivered it here again.
Just bring it downstairs.
What's the problem?
I can't seem to say goodbye.
Are you serious?
We ate an entire cake
two days ago and you want more?
Well, I've forgotten
what it tastes like.
It was cheesecake. It was fine.
It had a buttery, crumbly,
graham cracker crust...
...with a very rich...
...yet light cream cheese filling.
Wow, my whole mouth
just filled with saliva.
Know what? Forget it.
We're just hungry.
We haven't had lunch.
We're just lightheaded.
So let's go have lunch
and forget about the cheesecake.
We'll drop it off
so we're not tempted.
- Where do you want to eat?
- Mama's Little Bakery, Chicago.
Mel Torm died.
Joey, that paper's like a year old.
Does that mean the Sam Goody's sale
is over?
So, I finally heard back
from Aunt Cheryl...
...and apparently it wasn't a mistake.
There's limited seating...
Limited seating? I am just
one tiny person!
Yeah, but she doesn't know that.
I mean, the last time she saw you...
...you'd have turned one of those
little wedding chairs into kindling.
"Limited seating. "
That's such a lame excuse.
That's not the reason
she's not inviting me.
What's the big deal? I wasn't invited
to the ceremony, just the reception.
If it makes you feel any better, Joan
and I will just make an appearance...
...and then we'll leave early
as a sign of protest.
- Joan?
- Yeah, my date.
Assistant professor in linguistics.
Tall, very beautiful.
And despite what some people say,
not broad-backed.
Wait a minute.
You got "Ross Geller and Guest"?
I wasn't invited,
and you got "and Guest"?
Excuse me, I do have to interrupt
on Ross' behalf.
I think the rule applies here.
Since he has a chance
to get on broad-back...
Not broad-back!
Wait a minute. You're bringing me.
I can't cancel on Joan.
- Why not?
- Did you not hear me?
She's an assistant professor
in the linguistics department.
They're wild.
- Why do you want to come anyway?
- Because...
...she's my cousin.
I mean, we grew up together.
Family, you know?
And all that's important to me.
Okay, all right. I'll take you.
I'll go call Joan.
Oh, that's nice.
Family should be there.
It's her wedding.
Happiest day of her life.
We'll see.
Well, thank you for lunch.
Wait, I thought you paid.
Apparently, we don't pay
for food anymore.
- Do you see what I see?
- It's still there.
Mrs. Braverman must be out.
She could be out of town.
Maybe gone for months.
By then, it may spoil.
She can't come back to bad cheesecake.
- It could kill her.
- Don't want that.
We're protecting her.
- We'll take it.
- But quick.
- Why?
- I hear her in there.
Go! Go! Go!
Oh, my God, that's David.
- Who?
- David, the scientist guy.
David that I was in love with.
Who went to Russia
and broke my heart, David.
Oh, my God!
Say their name enough,
they turn around.
What are you doing?
Aren't you supposed to be in Russia?
I'm just in town for a conference.
God, you look phenomenal.
Well... .
You look great too.
Did you get a haircut?
Yeah. Well, I got like 30 of them.
Look, I got a confession to make.
I was hoping to run into you here.
I didn't know if I should call.
I was only in town a few days...
...and I didn't want to intrude
on your life.
I really wanted to see you...
...but I didn't
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