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So should we start looking
for a new place?
You know, I'm sensing...
...that my grandmother
would not be comfortable with that.
Oh, yeah?
Starting to feel her again there,
are we?
- A little bit. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Is your grandmother maybe saying
that you should live here alone?
You heard it too? You have the gift.
Phoebe, it's okay.
I like living with Joey.
- Are you sure?
- Please. I hate packing...
...it's closer to work.
And we do have fun.
Although, I'm really gonna miss
living with you.
- Oh, me too.
- I know.
Did you hear that?
I'm getting something
from your grandmother.
She said since you get to keep
the one-bedroom apartment...
...you should give Rachel
the purple chair.
No, I do not hear that.
And the miracle was that
that little bit of oil...
...that should have lasted
just one day, burned for... .
- Eight whole days.
- That's right.
And that's why we celebrate
Hanukkah today. The end.
- Awesome.
- Yeah.
My favorite part...
...was when Superman
flew all the Jews out of Egypt.
The armadillo was actually
not so thrilled about that part.
Okay, Ben, it's time to light...
...the Hanukkah candles!
Wow! Looks like the Easter Bunny's
funeral in here.
Come on, come on.
We're lighting the candles.
I understand why Superman is here...
...but why is there a porcupine
at the Easter Bunny's funeral?
- You get it?
- I got it.
Back in the cage?
It's back in the cage.
Is the cage closed?
Joey, will you just come out here
and stop being such a baby!You have got to try this cheesecake.
You know, I'm not that much
of a sweet tooth...
Oh, my God, it's so creamy!
That's the best
cheesecake I've ever had!
Where did you get this?
It was at the front door when I got
home. Somebody sent it to us.
This isn't addressed to you.
This is addressed
to Mrs. Braverman downstairs!
I didn't read the box
before I opened it...
...and you can't return a box
after you opened it!
- Why not?
- Because it's too delicious!
You stole this cheesecake.
That's wrong.
No, it'll be okay because Mrs. Braverman
will send for a free one.
That way, we all win.
The only losers are the
big cheesecake conglomerate...
..."Mama's Little Bakery. "
I feel terrible.
I'm a horrible, horrible person.
I'm sorry, what?
The One With All The Cheesecakes
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
I should get going. Big day at work.
You know how I'm in a coma?
Today they do a test on me and it
turns out I'm not brain-dead.
Mr. Smarty Pants.
It's just my character
that's not brain-dead.
Pheebs, still on for tonight?
- Absolutely.
- I'll see you at 8.
What's at 8?
Dinner. We get together about once
a month to discuss the rest of you.
Wow! Did not know that.
May I say how lovely you look today?
Duly noted.
So for tomorrow, do you want to
rent a car and drive down together?
- What are you talking about?
- Cousin Frannie's wedding.
You were invited?
Oh, my God, I can't believe this.
I thought only Mom and Dad
were invited.
From the ages of 7 to 9,
Frannie and I were inseparable.
Maybe since the age of 9,
Frannie's made some new friends.
It's probably just a mistake.
Let me call Aunt Cheryl.
Maybe you are invited and the
invitation got lost in the mail.
You call her and tell her
that when we were kids...
...her precious Frannie
tried to undress me several times.
If I hadn't stopped her, there
wouldn't be a wedding to go to.
She tried to undress me too.
I used to undress my cousin Glenn.
Joseph Francis Tribbiani,
are you home yet?
I think he's still out.
What's wrong?
I'll tell you, Rachel Karen Greene.
I had plans with Joey,
and he left me this note.
"Pheebs, can't make it.
Got a date. Talk to you later.
Big Daddy. "
- "Big Daddy"?
- That's a nickname we were trying.
You know what nickname
never caught on? "The Ross-a-tron. "
Here's Joseph Francis!
Wait, what are you
middle-naming me for?
I left you a note.
That doesn't give
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