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I wanted you to want
to live with me.
But if you're having
so much fun over here...
It's so much more fun with you.
- We did have fun, didn't we?
- We did.
They say, if we want,
we could see it tonight.
- I would love to.
- Yay, okay!
- Good, good, good.
- Great. All right. Good.
And Monica asked me
to make the drumming stop.
Hello, sir.
You here to return those pants?
No, these are my pants.
- How can I help you?
- Do you have a Santa outfit left?
Two days before Christmas?
Sorry, man.
Okay, look.
Do you have anything Christmas-y?
I promised my son, and I really
don't want to disappoint him.
Come on, you gotta have something.
I'm the Holiday Armadillo!
I'm a friend of Santa's...
...and he sent me here to wish you...
...a merry Christmas!
What happened to Santa,
Holiday Armadillo?
Santa was unavailable...
...so close to Christmas.
Come in, have a seat.
You must be exhausted,
coming all the way from Texas.
- Texas?
- That's right, Ben.
I'm Santa's representative...
...for all the Southern states.
And Mexico!
But Santa sent me here...
...to give you these presents, Ben.
Maybe the lady will help me
with these presents.
Wow, thanks!
You're welcome, Ben.
Merry Christmas.
And happy Hanukkah!
Are you for Hanukkah too?
Because I'm part Jewish.
You are? Me too.
Because armadillos
also wandered in the desert?
You want to wander in the hall?
Hey, Ben!
What if the Holiday Armadillo...
...told you all about
the Festival of Lights?
Come on, Ben.
Years and years ago...
...there were these people called...
...the Maccabees!
- Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
What are you doing here, Santa?
Well, I'm here to see
my old buddy, Ben.
What are you doing here...
...Weird Turtle Man?
I'm the Holiday Armadillo...
...your part-Jewish friend.
You sent me here
to give Ben some presents.
Did you bring me any presents, Santa?
You bet I did, Ben.
Put her there.
Well, it would have worked this time
if his hands weren't so damn small.
Ho, ho, ho!
Ben, come open more gifts.
The armadillo and I
will have a talk in the kitchen.
There's a sentence
I never thought I'd say.
What are you doing?
You said you were having trouble
finding a Santa costume...
...so I borrowed one
from a guy at work.
Thank you, but you gotta leave.
- Why?
- Because...
...I'm finally getting him excited
about Hanukkah...
...and you're wrecking it.
But I didn't get to shake my belly
like a bowlful of jelly.
I'm sorry, Chandler,
but this is really important to me.
Fine, I'll give the suit back.
Hey, you think you can keep it
another night?
Santa, really?
Yeah, is that okay?
Did your dad ever dress up like Santa?
- No.
- Then it's okay!
Okay, Ben. Santa has to go.
Say goodbye.
No, why does he have to go?
Because if Santa and the Holiday...
...are ever in the same room
for too long...
...the universe will implode!
Merry Christmas!
No, why can't the armadillo leave?
I want Santa.
Fine, I give up. Santa...
Santa can stay!
Well, I'll stay...
...but only because I want to hear
about Hanukkah.
Ben, will you sit here with Santa...
...and learn about Hanukkah?
Okay, Santa.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right, it's time...
...for the story of Hanukkah.
Years and years ago...
...there were these people
called the Maccabees!
Merry Christmas!
Oh, wow, look at this place!
Oh, this is terrible.
They've made so many changes...
...I can't even feel
my grandmother's presence anymore.
Oh, new sconces!
- Oh, my God!
- What?
Remember how you told me
your grandmother put up that wall...
...to make that into two bedrooms?
- Yeah.
And that the landlord
might find out...
...and then tear it down?
- Yeah?
Do you really not know
where I'm going?
It left. It's one huge room.
Oh, no!
I guess we'll have to
put the wall back up.
- You can't, with the new skylight.
- There's a skylight?
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