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know you're upset, but don't forget
there is going to be a wedding.
You are going to throw the bouquet,
and then a honeymoon.
- Maybe in Paris.
- Paris?
We will take a moonlit walk
on the Rue de la blah-blah-blah.
Keep talking.
We will sprinkle rose petals
on the bed and make love...
...not just because it's romantic,
but because I can.
I love you.
Don't say anything,
you might scare it away.
It's Paris.
Who knows we're here?
Hi, Pheebs. What's up?
You said I could sing at your wedding,
so I need a small deposit.
You know, some good-faith money
to hold the date.
We're not giving you a deposit
for our wedding.
Oh, I see.
They break your heart, don't they?
You know, I don't really need
their permission.
You want to sing at their wedding,
sing at their wedding.
Yeah, and if you want to look 19,
then you...
You got to do something
about your eyes.
What's wrong with my eyes?
They give you away.
There's too much wisdom in there.
Put some tea bags on them
for 15 minutes.
- That'll get rid of my wisdom?
- Maybe 10 minutes for you.
Give her the deposit, give her
the ring. I don't care.
What did you mean
when you said...
...you didn't want to talk to anyone,
especially me?
What a great apology.
And you accept it. Bye-bye.
No, seriously, what was
the "especially me" part about?
Let's just say it's not the first time
you've stolen my thunder.
Hey, here's a thought... .
Monica, what are you talking about?
My sweet 16. You went to third base
with my cousin Charlie.
Third base.
It was all everybody could talk about.
The only reason I did that
was because your party was so boring.
We had a caricaturist.
Whenever I get married
Guess who won 't be asked to sing
Somebody named Geller
And somebody else named Bing
Monica, your sweet 16
was like a million years ago.
Yet here you are doing it again.
I don't want
to steal your stupid thunder.
Why else would you have
made out with Ross?
Got me.
Easy, mimey, the moment has passed.
It ain't gonna happen.
It'd be nice if I could
have this night.
I never wanted any part of your night.
No one was supposed to see us.
Is that why you did it in the secret
hallway, where nobody ever goes?
Rachel, I've been thinking.
I don't think us getting together
tonight is such a good idea.
I'm calling it off.
Way to save your dignity, my man.
Mon, why, why would I ever want
to take away from your night?
I don't know, maybe you feel
a little resentful.
Maybe you thought
you'd get married first.
Maybe you can't stand...
...that your formerly fat friend
is getting married first.
Oh, wow, that... You know what?
That is so unfair.
Now I want to steal your thunder.
Come on, Ross. Let's go have sex!
I can't believe you're gonna have sex
on my engagement night.
Well, somebody should.
Look, if we're gonna do this...
We're not.
She's just gonna think we are.
I see, so everybody wins.
- Who is it?
- It's Monica, open up.
Okay, Ross, stop it.
Please, wait a minute.
Yeah, you like that, baby?
May we help you?
I wanted to say I hope you have sex,
and I hope you get back together.
I warn you, the night
you announce your engagement...
...I'm going to announce
that I'm pregnant.
How is that ever going to happen?
Do you want to know why
I was with Ross tonight?
- I know why.
- You don't.
- Okay, why?
- Because I was sad.
What do you mean?
Look, I am so...
...so happy for you guys.
But you getting married reminds me
of the fact that I'm not.
I'm not even close.
Maybe I just wanted
to make myself feel better.
I know that that's dumb,
but you were so depressed...
...when Ross got married,
you slept with Chandler.
I don't care, she slept with me.
Anyway, sweetie,
I am so sorry I ruined your night.
I'm sorry I almost made you
sleep with Ross.
I'm gonna take off.
- Congratulations, man.
- Thanks.
And Rachel...
...what can I say?
You missed your chance.
From now on, the
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