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to the police station
and look at mug shots.
Thanks for having me over.
Tag, you're going?
We didn't even get a chance to talk.
So where did you say
you're from again?
- Colorado.
- What good are you?
Look, I think we should talk
about what happened on the terrace.
I never should've said what I said.
It just doesn't matter how I feel.
We work together, so nothing could
ever happen between us.
I would love to go to work on Monday
and never talk about this again.
Okay. Big day, Monday.
Lots to do.
So we okay?
I'm not.
I freaked you out.
No, you didn't.
What freaked me out was you saying
nothing could happen between us.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So please don't fire me
for doing this.
That's one less thing
we have to do on Monday.
- All right.
- I want my turkey now.
You got it.
You got Nevada twice.
- I know.
- Yeah.- I'm ready.
- You sure?
Let me just straighten out
your helmet there.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- No, no. One daddy, two mommies.
- All right, it's all yours.
- Okay, okay.
There you go, there you go.
Wow, Ben's first big kid's bike.
This is so exciting!
Oh, yeah, I remember mine.
It was my sixth birthday.
I went to the park...
...and I got on it and it bent.
- Yeah.
- I never had a bike of my own.
- What?
We didn't have a lot of money.
But the girl across the street
had the best bike.
It was pink and it had rainbow-colored
tassels hanging off the handles...
...and a bell
and this big, white wicker basket...
...with those
plastic daisies stuck on.
That sounds like my first bike.
My dad gave me his old one.
- Did the girl ever let you ride it?
- No.
But she gave me the box
that it came in.
It had a picture of the bike
on the front.
So I would sit on it and my stepdad
would drag me around the backyard.
That is so unfair.
Not really, I got
to drag him around too.
The One With All the Candy
English Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
Hey, what are you guys doing?
Making candy for the neighbors.
I'm sorry, who?
I'm gonna hang
a basket on the door.
When the neighbors walk by,
they can take a piece.
- But we don't know the neighbors.
- I do.
There's, let's see,
the guy with the mustache...
...smokes-a-lot lady,
some kids I've seen...
...and the red-haired guy
who does not like to be called Rusty.
See, this is exactly why
I'm making this candy.
We can get to know our neighbors.
Wouldn't it be easier
if we just moved?
Good morning!
- Somebody's in a good mood.
- Well, why shouldn't I be?
I have great friends.
I have a wonderful job...
Where you can make out
with your assistant.
It's not a big deal.
We stayed up creating a plan so
that us dating won't be a problem.
Oh, yeah? What's the plan?
We... We are not...
...going to let it...
...be a problem.
It took you all night
to come up with that plan?
Well, you know,
we did other stuff too.
Did you two...?
Oh, I don't sleep with guys
on the first date.
- Matt Wire, Mark Lynn, Ben Wise...
- Anymore!
Hi, Tag, I have a conference call
today, is that correct?
- Yes, at 4.
- Okay, thank you, that'll be all.
Wait, wait.
Did you see that?
He had no idea there was
something going on between us.
- I'd better get back to my desk.
- Okay, hard worker.
I'll put that in your evaluation.
- My what?
- You've been here for two months now.
And your boss is required to hand in
a performance evaluation.
But you know, there is one thing
that I have yet to evaluate.
- Are you serious?
- No, but I've always wanted to do that.
Can you help me clean this up?
The basket is totally empty!
The neighbors ate it all!
Well, either that or... .
- Did you eat all the neighbor candy?
- That was the plan.
When I got to it,
there was only a few pieces left.
They've come by all day.
They love it.
They love my candy?
- Oh, man, I gotta go make more.
- Hey, Mon.
Make some more lasagna too. Something
might have happened to a chunk of it.
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