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Yeah, I admit it.
I have a crush on you. I know that's
crazy because we work together...
...and nothing could ever happen.
The last thing I wanted to do
was freak you out...
...or make you feel uncomfortable.
Which is why it would be great
if you said something right about now.
Oh, my God.
Those guys are stealing my car.
Right there. That's my car!
- Hey!
- Okay, that'll take one minute.
Do you have anything else to say?
I can't believe it.
We still have time to talk,
and they're not even in the car yet.
Look, there they go.
Okay, Phoebe.
We should probably go back now.
Please, don't leave me.
I'll be lonely.
Stop it. Stop.
- Okay, let's go. We can be strong.
- Yeah, okay.
Did you hear that?
She said, "Monica. "
I can't leave her.
We could sneak the dog back
and Chandler wouldn't even know.
That won't work.
I've had that dog for three days,
and Chandler had no idea.
He's not so smart.
Hey. I didn't know either.
Yeah, but you kind of knew that
something was going on, didn't you?
Yeah, I knew.
Where's Chandler?
- Here I am.
- Wash your hands.
How did you know?
Hey, what's she doing back here?
Relax, Ross.
She's not made of ice cream.
Hey, look, Phoebe.
I laid out the states geographically.
We don't have time.
We have to keep Chandler away.
- Yeah, but, look what...
- This is what we do not have time for!
- Where's Monica?
- In Phoebe's room. You can't go in.
Why not?
Monica's crying.
She's very upset
about this whole Klunkers thing.
- Well, I should go in there.
- No, no.
No, she doesn't want to see
you right now.
- Why not?
- Because you sent away the dog.
- That's ridiculous.
- Oh, is it? Is it?!
Look, when Monica and I were kids,
we had a dog named Rover.
And one day, my dad decides
he doesn't like dogs.
So Monica and her friend, Phyllis...
...take away the dog and that was the
last time we ever saw him. See?
This is just like that...
...only with a few details changed.
Okay, I'm in my sweatpants.
Bring on the food.
- What's the matter?
- Monica's upset because of Klunkers.
So? Bring the dog back.
You're a hero.
Yeah, I could be a hero.
I could do that.
What if it attacks me?
Chandler, it's like a big gerbil.
And that doesn't scare you?
Ross, you need some help?
From you?
Yes, please.
First of all, Utah?
Dude, you can't just make stuff up.
I hate America!
When I finish this game,
I swear I am moving.
- Tag still talking to the police?
- Yeah.
Dammit. Why did I open my mouth?
"I have a crush on you.
I'm attracted to you. "
I know that I freaked him out.
If you said it like that, you did.
Hey, is Chandler here?
No, he went for a walk.
Okay, you cannot tell him,
but look who's back.
Well, no, no, no.
He went over to Ross' to bring
the dog back here.
Oh, no, the dog's not going
to be there!
You think?
Hi, honey.
Please, please, please,
don't be mad at me.
- What? Why would...?
- Wait and see.
Maybe we will, maybe we won't.
Okay, I went over to Ross'
to bring back Klunkers for you...
...and I left the door open,
and she must've gotten out.
And I looked everywhere, all over
the apartment, including the roof.
Which, FYI, Ross,
one of your neighbors, growing weed.
I couldn't find him...
...and I am so, so, so sorry.
But I do know where we can all go
ease the pain.
We have good news. Look who's back!
Klunkers. Oh, my God!
- She came back all by herself.
- It's a Thanksgiving miracle.
It is so good to see you.
She came all the way back
from Ross'.
The things she must've seen.
She climbed up the fire escape...
...and tapped on the window with her
teeny paw, and we ran to let her in.
I went too far, didn't I?
When should I have stopped?
Okay, maybe this is so hard,
because there aren't 50 states.
Let me tell you something.
I have 49 states...
...and there are no more!
I think I should be able
to eat something.
It's up to you.
- Oh, hi. How are you doing?
- I'm okay.
I got to go
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