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you can.
Oh, my God.
I understand. I am so sorry.
I'll go.
Goodbye, Monica.
I wish you a lifetime
of happiness with him.
You call me when this goes
in the pooper.
I've got this section covered.
Yeah, in fact, I've got this baby
to shine in people's eyes.
Okay, see you later.
I just wanted
to show Monica your book.- Hey, everybody. Happy Thanksgiving.
- No, no, no.
Are we keeping Thanksgiving
a secret this year?
We're playing a game
I learned.
You have to name all the states
in six minutes.
What? That's like insanely easy.
It's harder than it sounds.
You always forget one.
Or in some cases, 14.
It's stupid and I wasn't playing with
people, so technically, I didn't lose.
You forgot 14 states?
Nobody cares about the Dakotas!
Okay, time's up.
All right, I got 48.
That's not bad. Pheebs?
I got tired of naming states,
so I listed the types of celery.
And I have one, regular celery.
So Rachel's got 48
and Phoebe has the lead in...
...vegetables. Joey?
Say hello to the new champ
of Chandler's dumb states game.
- Wow, how many you got?
- Fifty-six.
The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
English Subtitles by
Hey, how is New England not a state?
They have a sports team.
Does South Oregon have a sports team?
There you go.
Why one extra place setting?
You invited your assistant.
Oh, right, sorry. Tag's not coming.
His girlfriend came into town,
so he's with her.
Why didn't you tell me?
I made him his own
sweet potato stuffed pumpkin.
I was going to,
but then I figured...
...your food is so delicious
and perfect...
...you can never have too many
of those pumpkin things.
You'd think I wouldn't enjoy that
since it's so fake, but I still do.
Regular celery!
I already have that.
...with time to spare.
- This may be a new world's record.
- I hate to lecture you guys...
...but it's disgraceful that
a group of well-educated adults...
...and Joey can't name all the states.
You ever see a map or one of those
round colorful things called a globe?
Magellan? You got 46 states.
- What? That's impossible.
- Forty-six.
Well, who's well-educated now,
Mr. L-Forgot-Ten-States?
I'm going to go turn on Joey's oven.
Please, watch him.
Do not let Joey eat any of the food.
I am only one man.
- Okay, time is up.
- Now, just give me another minute.
If you don't know them by now,
you never will, okay?
That is the beauty of this game.
It makes you want to kill yourself.
This is crazy. I can do this.
All right, I bet I can get
all 50 before dinner.
Okay, but if you can't, no dinner.
You're on.
Don't look at my list, because there's
a lot on there that you don't have.
Did you know your oven doesn't work?
The drawer full of takeout
menus is okay, right?
Ross, I'm gonna use yours.
Chandler, give me a hand.
Joey, do not let Ross look at maps
or the globe in your apartment.
Don't worry.
It's not a globe of the United States.
I'm gonna go out and take a walk.
Phoebe, why is your bag moving?
- Oh, it's not.
- Seriously, it's moving.
- What the hell's in there?
- It's just my knitting. That's all.
Yes, I knit this.
I'm very good.
Ross' apartment is nice.
Why don't we hang out here?
Maybe because it smells weird.
It's like old pumpkins or something.
- That's my pie.
- Which smells delicious.
- Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
- What?
We left Joey alone with the food.
Yep, yep, I knew it.
There he is...
...feeding stuffing to a dog!
Hi, Geller-Bing residence.
How can I help?
Why is a dog in our apartment?
I'm sorry, who's this?
There's a dog sitting on my couch.
Tell her I'm allergic, and I will sue!
- There's no dog here.
- There is!
He's black and white and shaggy.
He's sitting next to Rachel
and licking her hand. 
Oh, my God! Where are you?
I'll be right there.
They're here already?
How are they doing this?!
Hi, Tag.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see if your offer
was still good.
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