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brought her here?
She's so cool.
She speaks four languages.
Man, do you know what guys want.
Come on, she's so perfect for you.
She's sweet.
She likes baseball.
She had two beers at lunch.
My beers?!
Look, she's a very nice girl.
We had a very good time,
but I don't see it going anywhere.
You always say that.
Maybe if you gave her a chance,
it would go somewhere.
I'm sorry, you guys.
I just don't think so.
- Whatever.
- Fine.
Hey, don't start judging me.
You're in love with your assistant.
You're sleeping with the guy
who keeps pigeons on the roof.
Secret affair.
People are doing it
in front of my book.
I'm sorry?
My doctoral dissertation is in the
library at school. I went to see it.
And there were students making babies
right in the paleontology section.
Oh, my God.
Did you get to see anything good?
At your school...
...was there a place on campus
where students went to fool around?
Yeah, there was.
In the corner of the library where all
the books were that nobody ever read.
Yes, there was.
Great, because people kept showing up.
I think it's like a thing.
Hold on a second.
Fifth floor, against that back wall?
Oh, for crying out loud!
- So we should go catch our movie.
- What's the rush?
I'd like to see the previews.
The candy.
- Oh, hey.
- Well, look who's here.
- Hey, Joey.
- Hey, Erin.
- Hey, Rachel.
- Hi.
We were about to take off
and see a movie.
- Oh, no!
- What's wrong?
Phoebe, we forgot that party
we have to go to.
Oh, no.
What party?
A birthday party.
Whose birthday party?
Alison's birthday party.
And how old is Alison?
Wait a minute.
Why don't you guys do something?
Look how that worked out.
Excuse me. Hi, I'm a professor here.
Do you know the paleontology section,
fifth floor, stack 437?
Well, yes.
Just give me five minutes.
I just have to find someone
to cover my shift.
No, no, no.
Can I speak to someone in charge?
How can I help?
Hi, I was wondering, is it possible
to increase security...
...in the paleontology section?
I wrote a book that's up there.
And instead of reading it,
people are... .
Well, they're rolling around
in front of it.
We are aware of the problem
you're referring to.
As far as increasing security,
I'm afraid the library's understaffed.
I can't help you.
Well, fine.
If I'm the only person
with any appreciation...
...of the sanctity of the written
word, then I'll go defend it myself.
Don't you follow me.
- How did it go with Erin?
- Unbelievable.
We had the best time.
- So you're not mad anymore?
- No, no. You guys were totally right.
This was much better than
the first date.
It was awkward.
We were both nervous.
- Didn't you sleep together?
- Yeah, that calms me down.
And we have so much in common.
She loves sandwiches, sports.
Although she is a Met fan.
Not an issue now,
but if we had kids... .
Oh, my God! Listen to you talking
about having kids.
Oh, my Joey.
Please don't get married before I do.
I just cannot believe
that Clark stood me up.
He may still show up.
What are you, stupid?
- It's been three hours.
- Is that all?
Let's go on to happier things.
Why don't you tell me
about your lovely wedding.
There was something that we wanted
to tell you about the wedding.
It's going to be a small ceremony.
We're not even sure
why we're having it.
It's actually going to be just family.
Oh, wait.
You two think of me as family?
I have to ask you something now,
and be honest.
Do you want me to sing
"Careless Whisper" or "Lady in Red"?
How can you say that?
The Mets have no closer.
- What about Benitez?
- What about game one of the series?
- What about shut up?
- You shut up.
I love arguing with her.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
How's it going with Joey?
Oh, okay.
Tell me that you like him, please.
I mean, tell me that you like him.
He's a really great guy, and I know
you really want this to work out...
...but I just
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