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we'll get together before work.
What do you say, 6:30, my place?
So excited!
Yeah, okay. You laugh now.
She's gonna be yours.
Great nap.
It really was.
What the hell are you doing?
Excuse me.- Morning.
- Hi.
How was your date?
- Pretty good.
- Oh, good.
My God. Sorry about that.
Okay, really good.
I gotta go. I'm late.
You're going to leave
her with me?
Don't worry,
she's a terrific girl.
Can you do me a favor?
Could you mention I'm not looking
for a relationship? That'd be great.
What, are you kidding?
Just casually slip it in, you know.
Lay the groundwork.
Tell her I'm a loner.
No, an outlaw.
She doesn't want to get mixed up
with the likes of me.
That's a lot to remember.
Can't I tell her that you're a pig?
I'm gonna call her later myself.
Chandler used to do it.
He'd make her pancakes.
He'd make extras
and leave them for me.
I'm not telling her anything.
It's not my responsibility.
Now, where did we land
on those pancakes?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, but I couldn't get
that lock to work.
Yeah, Joey kind of disabled it
when I moved in.
- You must be Rachel. I'm Erin.
- Hi.
I don't mean this to sound like high
school, but did he talk about me?
Would you like some pancakes?
The One with Ross's Library Book
English Subtitles by
- Come on. Why are we here?
- Okay, okay, take a guess.
The hot chicks?
Okay, okay, I was typing names
into the library computer earlier...
...you know, for fun.
And I typed mine in,
and guess what came up?
My doctoral dissertation.
It's right down here in the biggest
library in the university.
Wow, that's actually pretty cool.
There's also a book here
by a woman named Wendy Bagina.
What is that?
Sounds like two people are really
enjoying the Dewey decimal system.
We're so sorry.
You didn't bring me here to do that,
did you?
She sent the chicken back again?
She said it's too dry and wants
to explain to you how she wants it.
I'd like to meet this chicken expert.
Send the colonel in.
Oh, my God!
Lucky bastard.
- Janice.
- How are you...
...Ms. Hotshot-Chef-at-the-Big-Fancy-
I'm fine.
Oh, what is that on your finger?
I'm blind.
So who's the lucky guy?
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry, sweetie.
Are you okay?
You didn't tell her we're engaged?
- She saw the ring.
- Did she freak out?
She was shocked,
but then again, so were most people.
She actually has a boyfriend herself.
Name's Clark.
She also invited herself
to our wedding.
Clark too.
You said no, right?
You said no, right?
She cornered me. She asked me
if the wedding was in town.
- What was I supposed to do?
- Lie.
How hard is that?
"Your check's in the mail. "
"Oh, your baby's so cute. "
"I can't wait to read your book, Ross. "
So she comes to the wedding.
Maybe it won't be so bad.
Think she'll sit quietly?
Think she'll want to make a toast?
You don't think she'll want
to sing "Part-Time Lover"?
Oh, my God. She's not gonna like
the chicken either, is she?
You know what? Lt'll be okay.
She's probably not gonna even
want to come.
- Really?
- No, that was a lie.
See how easy that was?
So you would have just lied?
- It would have really been that easy?
- Yes.
Do it Saturday. We're having
dinner with her and Clark.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, who's your friend?
- Hey, Joey.
- Erin.
You're still here.
We ended up spending the day together
and had such a great time.
Why wouldn't you? Erin is great.
And then there's you guys.
Well, listen, I better get going.
Today was great. Thanks.
And Joey, last night was fun.
Yeah. I'll call you.
- I'll call you too.
- Or I'll call you.
- And call me.
- Okay.
Good to see you again.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
The system kind of broke down, huh?
Joey, I'm sorry. I just couldn't
tell her all those things.
And we got to talking, and l...
We want you to marry her.
She is so amazing. You have no idea.
Who do you think
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